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Savvy ways to get your family more interested in nutrition

If you feel that your kids and loved ones have a diet that is seriously sugar and calorie-laden, and are not open to trying and experimenting with new food groups and recipes, then it is time for you to take matters into your own hands and begin getting your family more involved and interested in nutrition. Remember that when your kids are young, these are formative years that will ensure your little ones develop good habits and practices that will keep them on the straight and narrow as they grow up into adults. If you feel that your family is seriously disinterested when it comes to their own diet and nutrition, then fear not, you still have time to make some positive changes and ensure that your entire clan will be aware of what they are eating and why.

If you feel that your family are struggling with their weight, or are in no way interested in their diet and nutrition, then it could be time for you to book your kids in to see a nutritionist or even a qualified health practitioner. Make sure that during the consultation you take the time to discuss any ongoing family concerns or if there are any serious illnesses or health complaints that run in your family, such as diabetes or cancer. You should also consider that your family has their blood pressure and cholesterol checked, especially if your children are struggling to shift some excess weight and need a helping hand to get them back into better health. A doctor or nutritionist will also be able to check your current diet and also identify if you or your family have any intolerances or allergies to certain food groups, so ensure that you take this step.

Teach your kids to eat like an adult

Are you guilty of pandering to your kids every whim and preparing five different meal options just to keep your entire family happy? Then it could be time for you to stop, as you are encouraging your little ones to have an unhealthy relationship with food. If your kids are old enough to sit at the table and spend time with your entire clan, then it is high time that they learn how to eat like an adult also. Far from cooking up several different options, explain to your kids that if they do not like what is on offer, then they will go hungry. Sooner or later, your kids will learn to love the food that you eat and will be grateful for your home cooked meals, although they might go hungry on a few occasions first.

Meal planning

If you are disorganized in your approach to planning and preparing your family meals, then your little ones will soon learn to take advantage of this and ask you for takeout or quick junk food fixes over home cooked and nutritious plates. If you want your family to be more interested in nutrition, then it is time for you to start planning your weekly meals and get organized, so that you can keep tabs on what food groups your family is eating. Not only will planning your family meals save you money, as you will have to use up the ingredients that you have in your  cupboard or refrigerator at home, but it can also save you time in the long run. Gone will be the quick and expensive trips to the store. Instead, you can prepare meals that will last you for two nights and even use ingredients that you have frozen previously. Plus, meal planning is the perfect way to get your kids more interested in food, and you can invite them into the kitchen to help you to cook up some nutritious and low-fat, healthy meals that your entire family will love. Get planning, and you are bound to notice that your entire family has a much greater interest in nutrition and the foods that they are eating.

Take learning outside the house

If you want to get your kids to eat better, then it could also be time for you to reconsider how you are teaching them about their diet and nutrition, if at all. You could begin by making sure that your little ones accompany you on your trip to the grocery store, and get them to help you load up your shopping cart with healthy ingredients. Another great and fun way for the entire family to learn more about diet and nutrition is to visit a food festival or take part in a neighborhood cookout or foodie event. At a food festival, you can expect to find chefs such as Beau Macmillan who may even inspire your kids to get more involved in the kitchen. Plus, attending a food festival is a fun way for picky eaters to try new things and experiment with flavors without them feeling stressed or under pressure to do so. So, if you want your kids to experience a whole different relationship with food then check out any events in your local area and make sure that you attend these.

It can be tricky to get your entire family interested in their diet and nutrition, in particular, if they already have a sweet tooth or a preference for unhealthy foods. However, worry not, as you can make a few changes so that your entire clan soon wakes up to the benefits of healthy eating. Make sure that you teach your kids to eat like an adult, and stop offering a different range of dishes at mealtime. Try to get organized and begin meal planning, as this will also save you both time and money. Finally, try attending a food festival and take your learning outside of the house. In little to no time, your family will develop a sophisticated palate and even may begin to love and enjoy food even more than they used to – without you having to force them to eat and try different and new recipes.


  • Shannon Flannery

    Thanks for the great article! I have three little ones & my two girls are extremely picky eaters. I’m constantly trying different ways to get them interested in trying different foods.

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