Celebrities In The Red: Famous Faces With A Checkered Financial Past

When you see photos of garages packed with supercars, giant houses with pools, basketball courts and home cinemas and closets adorned with designer bags and dripping in jewels, it’s natural to assume that celebrities are rich beyond their wildest dreams. While many famous people are unquestionably wealthy, sometimes, the facade can be deceptive. There are […]

Student Fundraising Ideas That Will Grab Attention

Whether you’re in college or high school, fundraising for a charity that means a lot to you is a great way to get involved with extracurricular activities throughout the academic year, meet new people, and develop great skills for your future career. Sports teams, theater productions, student council services, renovations, community projects, field trips, and […]


MOTHER’S DAY/FATHER’S DAY/GRADUATION GIFT GUIDE ~ Sponsor Info 2019 SMGN Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Graduation Gift Guide – Sponsors Information Let us promote your products today! What can we offer you? We have a network of bloggers that you can choose from to work with. The gift guide is featured on all blogs involved. You can feature […]

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