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Best Bulletproof Items Which Can Fire Up Your Mind And Body

MCT Oil as we all know has become the latest talk of town paired with the innumerable benefits it is tagging along. Today we shall talk about some of the tastiest and healthiest recipes you can try out at home using this miracle ingredient.

Bulletproof Gummies – These easy to make and delicious snacks can serve as the perfect add-on to a fresh cup of coffee. You can make the same by blending together 5 teaspoons of grass-fed gelatin, one cup of hot organic coffee, one teaspoonful of grass-fed unsalted butter, and sweetener to taste and a teaspoonful of organic vanilla extract. The mixture has to be poured in a mold of your preference for being popped inside the fridge for a few hours. Bulletproof gummies are an excellent way to boost up your energy while refreshing your mental health. To gain from the extra benefits of omega fats, it is imperative to use grass-fed gelatin.

Bulletproof Green Tea – If you are not much of a coffee person, then you can brew some green tea by using double tea bags and adding some oil and butter which has to be blended until it reaches a frothy texture. The drink has to be chilled for some hours and blended using ice cubes with occasional adding of cream unless your desired consistency level is reached.

Bulletproof Ice-cream – Oil and butter has to be cooked on low-medium heat and coffee has to be added to the mixture which should be given a resting time of five minutes. This should next be blended along with ice or water unless a yogurt-like consistency is reached. The mixture can finally be tossed inside the ice cream maker. You can put it inside the freezer after pouring the mixture in a pre-chilled pan in case if you do not have an ice cream maker. Don’t forget to give the mixture a vigorous stir after twenty minutes and put back the same inside the freezer. Keep on repeating this procedure every thirty minutes until a smooth consistency is reached. While proceeding with a diet, it might become difficult to stick to the rules at times. In such cases, the bulletproof ice cream can come to your residue with its finger-licking taste and abundant health benefits.

Bulletproof Yerba Mate – Blend everything together after brewing the tea and straining out the tea leaves. Yerba mate is curated from the holly tree leaves of the South American rainforest having higher caffeine content than that of staple coffee. Yerba mate has also been accredited for providing a better balance between nutrition and energy compared to other stimulants such as kola nut, guarana etc.

Iced Bulletproof – It is similar to the regular bulletproof coffee with the solitary difference being that it gets refrigerated almost immediately. This recipe which you can easily make following the alpha supreme mct oil review can serve as your perfect friend after those rough and sleepless nights. It can also be of great help on those days when you develop a voracious appetite in spite of gorging on a hefty lunch.

Bulletproof Chai Latte – For benefitting the most out of this recipe, you need to brew a strong tea and throw it in the blender. The mixture should be served hot.

So, put your culinary skills to test and satiate your health and hunger bugs at the same time.


  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I have never heard of this before. So interesting. I will have to give this a try soon. Thank you so much for sharing these

  • Lauryn R

    Wow, I have heard of bulletproof coffee before but had no idea that there were so many other things to make! Very interesting and helpful post, I am definitely going to have to try some of these soon. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I have to admit I hadn’t heard of MCT Oil. Clearly, I’m falling behind, lol. I’d give it a try.

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