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7 Tips for Buying Your First Vape

There has been plenty of recent publicity surrounding vaping. It offers an alternative to smoking that carries with it fewer health risks. You may have had some interest in vaping previously, but now you are ready to take the plunge and actually buy a vape kit. According to aarp.org, many older smokers are turning to vaping due to the diminished health effects associated with vaping.

There are a wide variety of different models and types of vaping options available, such as the MIQRO vaporizer, and you may be overwhelmed by the choices. If you are interested in vaping accessories, you may want to check out this vape case and other accessories. Here are 7 tips that you can use to help you choose your first vaping device.

Start With Disposables

Disposable vaping pens or e-cigarettes are the most cost-efficient way to introduce yourself to vaping. While they are not as powerful nor do they offer as many flavor varieties as the other options available, they will give you a sense of whether vaping is right for you or not.

Once you determine that vaping is something you want to continue, you can move up to the more satisfying type of vaping devices on the market. Disposables will give you a small idea of the enjoyment you can get by vaping with a dedicated vape mod.

Insist on a Reputable Company

Once you decide to progress from disposables to something more powerful and customizable, you need to make your purchase from a reputable manufacturer. There are hundreds of companies that are taking advantage of the vaping market, and not all of them have your best interests at heart. Just make sure the products are using a proper spectrophotometer cuvette and are built with quality.

You will be making a substantial financial investment in your vaping device, and in case of problems, you want to be dealing with an organization that provides customer support and backs their products with a money-back guarantee. Some thorough research online may be in order, and the first results returned by a search may not be your best option.

Buy Everything You Need at Once

When first faced with the variety of options available to you, there is definitely the potential that you can choose a quality product, but due to your neophyte status, not get everything you need to fully enjoy it. One way to counter this possibility is to buy a starter kit, where everything you need to get going is included. From something like a ccell silo battery, a tank coil and e-juices are included. Many starter kits include an extra coil as this is one of the components that you will find yourself replacing most often.

One caution when purchasing a starter kit is to make sure that it comes with a trial bottle of e-juice. If not, make sure to order an e-liquid to go along with your kit. It will be very disappointing to receive your vape in the mail and not be able to use it until you go out and get some liquid. Order it up front and you will be much happier.

Size Matters

Vaping pens and mods can be obtained in many sizes. A good idea is to think about where you will be using your vaporizer. If you are planning to use it at home then the size of the unit probably does not make much difference to you, and you can just opt for the most feature-rich unit.

If you are going to vape when you are out of the house, you definitely want to consider a more portable vape. These are designed to fit in your pocket or handbag, making it easy to vape wherever you are.

Another size related issue is the tank size. While 2 ml is a fairly standard size and will last a considerable time, there are models available with larger tanks if you think you need one.

Avoid Proprietary Lock-in

You want the flexibility to try different flavors and brands of e-juice when you are vaping. Some manufacturers have constructed their vape pens in such a way that the only way to replenish your juice supply is with their proprietary tanks. This can lead to reduced choices and the potential to be held hostage to price increases.

Though most companies will want you to use their e-juice to fill your tank, their units are manufactured to allow them to be filled using any brand of liquid. Make sure this is the type you are purchasing. It will give you the option to try various liquids and decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Try a Variety of Flavors and Nicotine Levels

Related to the previous point is maintaining your ability to try as many different flavors as you want. E-juice comes in an almost limitless number of flavors as manufacturers compete to create new and interesting flavor combinations, so always be sure to check out as many online stores as you can and look through their whole selection of e liquid options, it can be assured if you look right, you could try something new every day. You may find that you really like vaping with a fruit-flavored e-juice, or one that is designed to taste like a particular dessert.

Nicotine levels are another factor that you can control when you vape. According to dailydot.com, the 6 mg level is a good place for current smokers to start, and they can move up or down as they wish. Higher nicotine levels result in a less flavorful juice, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

When first vaping, it is recommended to purchase smaller bottles of various juices until you find the one that works best for you. You might also consider bringing your vape to a local e-juice bar, where they often offer samples of some of their flavors.

Ease of Use is Important

Your first vaping experience should be as stress-free as possible. After all, you may be trying to quit smoking, and you don’t need any extra pressure as you tackle that task. There are many models out there that have been reviewed and tested and ease of use is shown. The PAX 3, for example, is a good model with ease of use as a portable vape and has plenty of reviews for you to have your own take on. Take the time to investigate the model of vaporizer you are purchasing with an eye toward its ease of use.

You want a tank that is easily refillable without needing to employ any special tools. Some models require a button to be pushed in order to vape while some are draw activated with no button action needed. If you can customize the airflow or wattage, you want the controls to be easy to use and understand.

We hope these tips get you started on a good foot as you explore the world of vaping. Keeping these factors in mind should help make your first purchase a satisfying one.


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