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Enjoy & Share Delicious Candies From Around The World With Universal Yums Limited Edition Halloween Box!

Enjoy & Share Delicious Candies From Around The World With Universal Yums Limited Edition Halloween Box!

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I am so excited to share the Limited Edition Universal Yums Halloween Box with everyone that I know as this box is packed full of fun and contains 300 popular candies from Italy, Thailand, Greece, Colombia, Ukraine and Spain! Seriously… this box is amazing and the perfect way to try some delicious candies from around the globe! You can hand these out too if you want to your Trick or Treater’s, but you just might want to keep them to yourselves as they are so good!

The Limited Edition Universal Yums Halloween Box comes packed beautifully in a festive box for Halloween. Inside is everything you will need to set up your box. You get a custom tray with 6 bowls to hold each of the candies, a special Halloween booklet with fun facts about each candy and a cardboard display to explain the concept at Halloween parties and festivities. This is perfection for the kiddos.

When you open the box up… everything is packed away neatly for shipment. Set up is easy… unpack it, put the bowls into each of the six spots and then fill with appropriate candy for each country.

The organizing, unpacking and filling is so much fun for the kids. You can see the different candies scattered around the box and there is so much candy that I have lot of leftovers to refill the bowls one or two more times. It is so cool!

Here you can see the box set up and filled. We received candy form Columbia, Italy, Ukraine, Thailand, Spain & Greece. The candy descriptions are below but let me tell you…. they are all so delicious! I am loving them all and was quite surprised at how much I liked the Pineapple Hard Candies from Thailand.

Here are the candies we got in our … Limited Edition Universal Yums Halloween Box:

Colombia: Grape Chews with Super Sour Powder.

Italy: Chocolate with Strawberries and Pop Rocks.

Ukraine: Creamy Toffee filled with Milk Filling.

Thailand: Pineapple Hard Candy With Soft Filling.

Spain: Orange Chocolate Toffee (like an orange tootsie roll)

Greece: Milk Chocolate Covered Waffers (like a Greece Kit Kat)

So what do you think of Universal Yums Limited Edition Halloween Box? Pretty cool right? Make sure to hop over and check out the Universal Yums website and order today. You need to order by this weekend (10/25 to 10/26) to receive time for Halloween and shipping is FREE! Check them out and visit them online as well!


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