My Savvy Review of the Geoffrey Zakarian #ProForHome Sous Vide Circulator @gzchef

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My Savvy Review of the Geoffrey Zakarian #ProForHome Sous Vide Circulator @gzchef

Deliciously Savvy received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers. This post contains affiliate links and I may make a small commission used to support this blog if the product is purchased via the links in this post. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Have you Sous Vide? I have to tell you that I have been interested in this method of cooking for quite sometime as I am a big foodie and I have heard for quite sometime about all of the wonderful benefits of Sous Vide cooking. My thoughts? Perfection! This is the most amazing thing ever! This is by far the most exciting thing to happen to my kitchen in a long time and I am truly loving the results that Sous Vide cooking provides. 


So you may be thinking…. just like me…. what is Sous Vide? Sous vide, literally translated from French, means “under vacuum,” referring to the technique of cooking food in a sealed bag, completely submerged in a water bath that maintains a precise temperature. This method was first introduced in the 1970s, and has been used in professional kitchens for decades thanks to its consistency, accuracy and ability to be left alone while other tasks are completed. This is the method that all of those top restaurants and high end eateries use for precision cooking and it is seriously amazing.

With the Pro For Home Sous Vide Circulator, you can now easily reap the benefits of this professional technique in your own kitchen. This will take the worry out of overcooking expensive proteins like steak and fish, tenderizing tough cuts of meat, and will make cooking for a crowd super easy and with delicious results. This is perfect for preparing meals for dinner parties and special occasions and is so super easy to use that it is perfect for weeknight dinners and lazy Sunday brunches. The sous vide technique will be one you’ll learn quickly and use often as it works with everything!



As you can see by the pics above…. this is a super easy process. You simply add your meat to the bag, add herbs, butters, sauces…. whatever it is you are using to season the protein and then simply remove as much air from the bag as possible while sealing shut. An air tight seal is perfect and honestly…. if you have a vacuum sealer…. that is the perfect way to prepare your sous vide meals. The less air the better the results. You can also use a zipper bag and as I noted above simply remove as much air as you can while sealing. After you get your bag or bags ready…. you simply clip them to or submerge them into the pot you have chosen to add the Pro For Home Sous Vide Circulator to. The Pro For Home Sous Vide Circulator attaches to any pot that you choose. You do not need a stove or any cook surface as the sous vide circulator does all of the work itself. You can even clamp the Pro For Home Sous Vide Circulator to a plastic bucket and use for cooking out or tailgating! This thing is so amazing and provides delicious results and it is also so practical and versatile and can be used anywhere that you have an electrical outlet.



So you can see that I made a few small sirloin steaks using my Pro For Home Sous Vide Circulator and I honestly ran late with my other side dishes so I left the steaks in for about an extra hour. I really thought it would be the perfect test to sous vide cooking itself…. and can I tell you that it passed with honors! Well yes it did because they were the most delicious and amazingly tender steaks I have made in quite sometime. This will turn the toughest, cheapest cuts of meats into masterpieces! Check out the small sirloins I made with the sous vide circulator! It was perfection with some healthy baked onion rings plus a celery and goat cheese salad as my sides.


The Pro For Home Sous Vide Circulator comes with a fabulous instruction book with some amazing sous vide recipes from Geoffrey Zakarian as well as times  and instruction for cooking different meats and proteins plus so much more. You can make Polenta and sides via the sous vide process as well. Now with the steaks that I made (pictured above)…. I simply put them in for an hour and a half and made my sides and such while the sous vide circulator was working its magic on my sirloins. As I told you before… I left them in for an extra hour for a total of 2 and a half hours…. give or take a few minutes. Once I removed them from the bags I patted them dry with a paper towel, seasoned a bit with salt and pepper and then seared them in a stainless steel pan to get that delicious crispy texture on the outside. Once I had the crust that I desired… I simply pulled them and let them rest a few minutes on a cutting board.  When I sliced into them… they were a perfect medium or medium well after searing but what I have to admit that I truly loved….was that there were no  juices or blood running out of my steaks when cutting them. They were like butter and so soft and tender and cooked to perfection… and well I cannot wait to make some seafood this weekend with the Pro For Home Sous Vide Circulator. I know that it is going to be the most delicious and succulent seafood that I have ever made and I cannot wait to tell you all about it! 

Check out this video that explains the process perfectly:

So what do you think? Are you interested in Sous Vide style cooking? Make sure you visit the #ProForHome website for Geoffrey Zakarian and check them out on social media as well!


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34 Replies to “My Savvy Review of the Geoffrey Zakarian #ProForHome Sous Vide Circulator @gzchef”

  1. wow the product is simply mind blowing. i love that it comes with recipes handy which is so awesome,

  2. My daughter loves Geoffrey Zakarian. I bet she’d love to have this.

  3. I am obsessed with cooking gadgets, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this. It sounds unique and easy–something I would totally want to try. Thank you so much for introducing me to this product and for the review. 🙂

    1. The results… no matter what you make….. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Seriously…. I will be hosting a giveaway. Make sure you enter. 🙂

  4. I’ve never heard of this kind of product before. Sounds really interested. I will have to do a little more research on it!

  5. I have never heard of this before. I have never heard of Geoffrey Zakarian before either. Sounds easy enough and with recipes too.

    1. Oh I love Geoffrey….. I am a big food network lover and he is on there as well as other shows occasionally.

  6. This product is really amazing and I want to get one!

  7. PattiAnn Green says:

    Wow. This is amazing. I had never heard of this before, but it sounds absolutely wonderful! I’d love to break this out at the family reunion and have everyone wondering why I’m putting our dinners in a bucket!!

  8. I had never heard of this before. It would be perfect at our little cabin. We only have a tiny microwave and a travel grill for cooking there.

  9. I was not familiar with Sous Vide cooking until I read this review. Since my husband and I tend to overcook we could use this in our kitchen

  10. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time. I didn’t know a whole lot about it though. Thanks for the info.

  11. This is really interesting to me, I would love to give it a try! I have never heard of meat being cooked in this fashion.

  12. Marthalynn says:

    Great pics! I love our sous vide circulator. Steaks, lobster tail, eggs… It makes everything SO much better!

  13. Lucy Rapposelli says:

    I have never heard of this before. Would love to try it. Thanks for sharing

  14. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    I didn’t think I’d heard of this before but then as I was reading, I realized I watched a funny youtube vid where this method of cooking was used! It’s really unique and different for sure.

  15. Stacy L Bennett says:

    I would love to have one of these in my kitchen! I love to cook!

  16. Sandy Klocinski says:

    This is awesome! I bet my daughter would love to have this. Thanks for sharing

  17. Pam Halligan says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of Sous Vide. Now, I can’t wait to try it!

  18. sheila ressel says:

    I have never heard of this method before. I’ll have to show this to hubby since cooking meat is his domaine.

  19. Rebekah Thompson says:

    This is like the coolest kitchen gadget I think I’ve seen. I have never heard of it. I would love to have one.

  20. Bryanne Robison says:

    This would be so fun in my kitchen!

  21. Cooking has come a long way. Cooking products have made cooking easier and faster.
    We can’t forget all the TV shows on chefs and cooking. There’s even a cooking show for
    kids. It’s definitely a trend to cook, have all the latest products and gadgets, and cookbooks
    of all sorts are available. I sure would like to try this method/technique. It is very interesting.

  22. I have seen this method used and would really like to try it to get such flavorful and tender meals. I think it is neat how easy it is to use and be able to prepare other dishes at the same time.

  23. This sounds like the perfect way to prepare meals. I would love to try it.

  24. I have never heard of this kind of cooking before. It seems like it would be a healthier way of cooking than frying would be.

  25. I watch Food Network a lot and have seen the chefs on various programs using Sous Vide – some with a tool like this and others with a “pot”. I would love to try cooking a filet mignon sous vide!

  26. Wow, that’s crazy, I had no idea what that thing was when I first saw it. I still don’t know how to say it.

  27. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I have never heard of this way of cooking before. It sounds very interesting and easy to do. I have been trying to cook healthy and it sounds like this is a great way to do it. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  28. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I’ve never used anything this high tech in the kitchen before! Looks like a great product! My parents love seasoning meat and I think they would enjoy using something like this too!

  29. I would love to try one of these units. I bet it would make the toughest cut of meat tender. It looks so easy to use, too!

  30. This sounds like an amazing product! I have never used one before, but I would love to! It definitely sounds like it would be fun to use.

  31. Trisha McKee says:

    I never knew about this method of cooking but it makes sense! I love the idea of getting precise temperatures, especially with meats. If i am cooking for a few people, and they all want their steaks cooked differently, this would take such difficulty out of that. And i love that it is portable and you can take it tailgating!

  32. kathy pease says:

    This sounds pretty awesome! I usually overcook everything by worry it isn’t done enough or getting distracted..This would come in handy!

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