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A Complete Guide To Selecting The Best Italian Restaurant In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a food hub, with nearly 300 Italian restaurants spread across the city. The average consumption expenditure of households in Abu Dhabi is $3,600 per annum, with about 45% covering outdoor dining. There are classic pizza restaurants on every corner of the neighbourhood. There was a reported $5.9 billion profit earned by the food service sector, which is moving at a CAGR of 6.8% in the next five years.  

The best Italian restaurant in Abu Dhabi provides excellent signature dishes with pure authenticity and experienced chefs. Every flavour aspect is made with strict hygiene protocols and a high-standard ambiance. With a significant number of Italian restaurants spread across Abu Dhabi, choosing a reputable one can take time and effort. There are several factors to accommodate, like the budget, ambiance, variety, and taste. If you are overwhelmed, then this guide will aid your choice: 

Prioritize Market Research 

Comprehensive research is the first factor to be taken into immediate consideration, and this must be done through macro and micro market statistics. Doing so will give you an idea about customer loyalty and the restaurant’s reputation on both individual and demographic levels.  

Abu Dhabi’s Italian market is rising, with over 300 restaurants contributing 11.3% of the GDP. Further research on the place will help you discover that 90% of the ingredients are freshly exported from Italy and ready to serve. This information would validate the authenticity of ingredients and Italian-influenced cooking style.  

The best Italian restaurant in Abu Dhabi is characterised by a high degree of authenticity, hygiene protocols under practice, and exponential experience in the Italian food industry. Surfing the website might reveal their mission to deliver authentic Italian dishes and a calm ambiance unmatched by contemporary cuisines and industry. 

They aim to satisfy customers and create a holistic novelty experience by tantalising the taste buds with fresh out-of-the-farm ingredients. They bring ancient classic flavours to life and make you forget that you are in the best cities. 

Check The Overall Ambiance 

Certain factors go beyond good food, one of which is the ambiance. Whether you are out for an informal family dinner, a candlelight date, or a corporate event, you must evaluate the ambiance that fits your requirements. Ambiance forms the holistic experience and can heavily influence how much you enjoy your food. Official websites give glimpses of the atmosphere and how their food looks.  

Another target is the evocative staff and waiters who are friendly and polite. Service quality can be objectively assessed by positive customer reviews and feedback, which must be readily available for prospective customers to see.  

Authenticity Is Prime 

No one likes to go to an Italian restaurant that claims to be “authentic” but serves American-style pizzas and pasta. Authenticity matters the most when looking for a reputable Italian restaurant outside of Italy itself. One way to assess this aspect is through the seasonal ingredients used in their menu. A good restaurant often gives a short description of the ingredients used in its menu and emphasises Italian spices and fresh veggies. 

Ensure the food images look reasonably seasoned and must not be covered in cheese. An authentic and quality-driven restaurant maintains high-quality standards and must enable transparency for prospective customers. 

Research Health Protocols In Practice 

Last but not least important are the hygiene standards in operation. A reputable Italian restaurant in Abu Dhabi serves classic Italian dishes to tantalise your taste buds and sets high standards of fresh ingredients and strict hygiene protocols. Customers may never know what happens behind in the kitchen, and that is all the more reason to check out their hygiene priorities and flavorful ingredient selections.  


Whether dining with family or hosting a professional event, Abu Dhabi’s authentic Italian restaurants have got you covered. Always look for signature dishes that are unique to their style of operation. Their menu must be divided into dish sections like antipasti (first-course meal), panini, zuppe, insalate, pizza, dolce, and more. The rest is a matter of enjoying the authentic taste of Italy.