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Moving with Dogs; Tips to Help them Adjust to the New Home  

Moving is rough and challenging for most people. All the cleaning, heavy lifting, and packing-unpacking can be difficult. In addition, you have to handle your doggo through the process, acting as a cherry on top.  

It is essential to plan your moving, regardless of the distance. In this, you also need to ensure that your dog is prepared for the transition. Since dogs are creatures of routine & habit, therefore, sudden movement from one place to another can cause them anxiety.  

Therefore, as their humans, you need to take appropriate steps to reduce that stress. Want to know how you can do it? Well, you’re on the right page. This article mentions some critical tips for dog parents. You can read them and put them to use to ease your dog’s adjustment to a new place.  

1. Pack a Pet Essential Bag 

As you know, the first few days after moving are packed with tremendous boxes to unpack. Therefore, you tend to pack your essentials in a bag that you can access anytime. Likewise, it would help if you also made a bag of requirements for your pet. It should include toys and healthy treats.  

For instance, you can buy a packet of himalayan yak chew that is nutritious, thus, helping with your dog’s daily requirements. They are made with yak milk, cow milk, and lime. According to experts, one to two sticks a day is healthy for the dogs and also keeps them busy. Likewise, choose other things keeping in mind the change in temperature, surroundings, and other factors. Having such a bag handy is a great help for pet parents.  

2. Maintain Their Routine, Even If It is Hard  

Dogs run n routines; therefore, you must keep their everyday routine intact. According to dog behavior experts, your furry friends will get anxious if you cannot maintain their routine and change their place of living.  

So, try to feed them at the same time as you did in the older home. Likewise, keep their walk and playtime the same to calm their anxiety. It helps them feel safe and find things in control. It is true that in the first few days, you might find it hard because you may have to stop in the middle of doing something important. But, for the sake of your dog, do it!  

3. Let Them Get Tired  

You must have heard people say that a tired dog is a good dog. And too much energy can indeed increase anxiety and stress levels. Therefore, you must ensure that your dog gets to let out their energy. 

One of the most painless ways to do this is to increase their average walk time and distance. In addition, you should focus on playing more with them. Anything that keeps them active and ensures they use their energy should be good to go in this. In addition, you should give them a lot more attention than before to ensure they are happy.  

Bottom Line  

Moving with a dog is as tough and challenging as it is with kids. Therefore, in your planning, you must consider all the dog requirements to prevent unnecessary mess at home. While trying to help them adjust to the environment, ensure that you get new visitors once they are settled completely.  

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