Do You Have Pets? Learn All About Trusted Housesitters & Their Service Of Helping Pet Lovers Travel! #AmericaLovesPets

Do You Have Pets? Learn All About Trusted Housesitters & Their Service Of Helping Pet Lovers Travel!

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It is no secret to any of you that I love love love my furry family members, Chewey the Chihuahua and Shadow the Cat, and that is why I was so excited to share the services provided from Trusted Housesitters which has now launched in the USA because America Loves Pets! This is a super cool idea and a great way to go away for either work or travel all while ensuring your pets are loved and well taken care of in the comfort of your own home. Trusted Housesitters connects home and pet owners who need a sitter, when going away, with trustworthy people who are happy to sit for FREE. No money is exchanged and it is a super cool thing indeed. Watch this video which explains the service and the many benefits.


As you can see Trusted Housesitters provides an amazing service for so many reasons. It is proven that your pets are most comfortable in your home because not only have they bonded with you, their owners, but also with the home itself. They take to new care takers better than being left in an environment that they do not know… such as kennels, etc. Plus many people may have pets that simply cannot be put into a kennel… such as chickens, sheep, goats, horses and more. This is the “go to” trusted solution for sure.


Keep in mind that Trusted Housesitters is so much more. Not only is their service available for pet owners & their pets but it is also for individuals that would like to be an actual house & pet sitter. I have read so many fabulous, rave reviews of current members that have used Trusted Housesitters in order to find a sitter for their home and pets and others are that are avid house sitters & pet lovers that post through Trusted Housesitters to find a new location to visit and vacation all while providing a fabulous pet sitting service. While they are enjoying their vacation, they are taking care of and providing love and comfort to the owners pets in the comfort of the pet owners home…. free of charge. No money is exchanged on either end. It is a win win!

You Can Explore the Community and Connect with thousands of pet-loving members in over 140 countries!

Simply Visit Trusted Housesitters and you can find a pet sitter and/or find a house sit. Super easy to get started and rest assured that I.D. verifications & criminal background checks are performed on all members. When it comes to pets, owners want to ensure that they have the best people looking after them. If this requires checking out sites like https://www.turningpointdata.com/, for example, this is the length that owners will go to if it means finding reliable individuals to take care of their animals. Plus, it is always best to be sorry.


  • * Find 5-star rated members who will sit for FREE
  • * Pets stay happy at home, in their own beds
  • * Enjoy peace of mind and save thousands in costs
  • * I.D. verifications & criminal background checks on sitters


  • * Stay for FREE in return for caring for pets
  • * Be treated like a local and enjoy a home
  • * Sits from a weekend to a year – globally
  • * Industry leading I.D. verifications included

Plus… Trusted Housesitters loves all pets and thought you might want to know the favorite pet choices for each state in the United States. Simply Click on the map below to see how your pet rates in your state and see the favorites of any others as well!

Click here to go the map and find the top pets in your state!

Are the results what you expected or do you think your pet should come out top in your state?
Let Trusted Housesitters know by joining the #AmericaLovesPets conversation and sharing your pet pictures!

Visit and explore Trusted Housesitters for yourself via their website and social media channels today! You will be amazed at this savvy service that is highly recommended as the “go to” premier house-sitting and pet-sitting service.


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