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3 Spacious Vehicles Perfect for a Growing Family

3 Spacious Vehicles Perfect for a Growing Family

For aas long as you can remember, you have always wanted to have kids. Now that you are married, you and your sweetie are ready to start working on that goal with the hopes of having at least two or more children.

As any experienced parent can tell you, having kids means playing the role of chauffeur – from taking babies to their well-infant checkups and transporting toddlers to preschool to driving kids to playdates, school, soccer practice and more. In order to comfortably and safely get your most precious cargo from point A to point B, you will need a vehicle that is large enough to accompany your growing brood. Some have even decided to make use of vans for family activities especially if they also work in a trade similar to painting, constructor worker etc. I hear they can ask for a quote online to get a well priced van.

Callum from says ‘An essential part of choosing a new car is that it has a certain character to it. It’s important to test drive your potential purchase instead of just going on stats and figures.’

With that in mind, check out this trio of vehicles that are ideal for your growing family:

Chevrolet Colorado

Yes, a pickup truck like the Chevy Colorado can be the perfect vehicle for an expanding family. It’s roomy, comfortable for both driver and passengers and it comes with a variety of safety features. The Chevy Colorado has room for five passengers, and its four doors means it is easy to get into the backseat to get your baby in and out of her car seat. Its StabiliTrak stability control system and traction control will help keep the truck on the road even in less than ideal driving conditions, and the daytime running lamps will help other drivers to see you. The Colorado also features a number of air bags both in the front and back and a rear vision camera that helps you see what is behind you when backing out of the driveway. For a pickup truck of this size, the Colorado does pretty well with gas mileage too – it averages 17 miles per gallon in the city and 24 on the highway and its average price of around $22,000 for a 2017 model won’t break the budget. If you are interested in finding out more about this or any car you can visit somewhere like Conklin used cars in Salina, KS.

Dodge Durango

If an SUV is more of your style, the Dodge Durango is also a perfect vehicle for families with lots of kids. The three-row Durango has a comfy interior with seating for up to seven. The vehicle’s “infotainment” system with a 8.4-inch touchscreen will help to keep little ones occupied on those long road trips to Grandma’s house. Another selling feature of the Durango is its price – its base MSRP is around $32,000, which is way less than the base price of other SUVs that can easily get into the mid $40,000 range. The Dodge Durango also comes with four-wheel antilock brakes and if you live in a rainy climate, the Rain Brake Support will remove water from the brake pads. The SUV also features Blind Spot Monitoring, which lets you know of cars that are coming into your blind spot, and rain-sensing windshield wipers will automatically activate, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel.

Toyota Sienna

No list of roomy vehicles that are ideal for families would be complete without a mini-van. The Toyota Sienna with its base price of just under $30,000 manages to be roomy and exceptionally comfortable without feeling like a bulky van. The designers of the Sienna definitely seemed to have busy moms in mind when adding features to the minivan – for example, the intercom lets people in the front seats speak with those in the third row. This prevents you from quickly craning your neck to quiet down your loud tots. The van’s Blu-Ray entertainment system is great for kids, and its 18/24 MPG rating is pretty decent for a van of its size. The Sienna comes with tons of airbags and its four LATCH systems makes safety securing car seats a breeze. You can pop on over to Zemotor online and see how to possibly get one of these for a good price.

As your family grows, it’s inevitable that you’ll need a larger vehicle to keep everyone together. Any of the above options will allow you the space to do this on top of being safe and affordable.


  • Ashley Miller

    Oh yea, those r my type of vehicles! We r a family of 6.. With 4 teenage girls something like this would be amazing.. I love my chrysler town & country van though! 2008 fully loaded.. It fits us perfectly! (: