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5 Tools that Will Take Your Crafting to the Next Level

Crafting is a great way to unwind, make some extra money, or simply add some style to your home through DIY. Whether you are an avid crafter or simply do it when you have time, there is something to be said about the final project. However, if you’re not fully prepared with the right materials and tools such as a good sewing machine for beginners or a Cricut machine, your crafting project could end up looking less than perfect. If you truly want to step up your game in the crafting world or just have the right things on hand, the following are five tools recommended by Slit that will take your crafting to the next level.

1.Sewing Machine

They don’t teach sewing in school like they used to, so most people today don’t consider a sewing machine to be a must-have item in the home. However, having a sewing machine allows you to tackle some great sewing projects, even if you’re not that swift with a machine. From clothing to home décor, there is so much that can be done with a sewing machine, so take a look at Teach You To Sew’s sewing machine reviews to find the machine that best matches your needs. Most craft stores will even hold free lessons, so you can learn more about the machine to help you improve your crafting skills.

2.Branding Irons

Face it. Pallet wood and shiplap are the rage right now, and people want these materials everywhere in their home. With the rustic look and feel that’s popular throughout homes, being able to craft this type of décor can be a great way to add some extra money. One way to do that is to purchase a custom branding iron and use it on these materials to create artwork people love. This iron can be anything from some initials to a phrase to a logo of some sort. Figure out what would be a smart investment, and then stock up on branding irons to make rustic décor people love.


The Cricut is a machine that is all the rage right now because it can do almost everything. Simply make a design using the Cricut applications and send it to the machine. By doing this, the machine will either print it out onto fabric or a material or your choice, or it can even cut it out to make stencils. You can then use this to paint sayings or pictures onto materials or add stickers to mugs or other items. If you really want to use crafting as a way to generate some extra money, then you really need to invest in a Cricut. Another savvy tip is that you can save money if you purchase this item by using a Cricut coupon code.

4.Material Assortment

If crafting is truly something you enjoy, you need to stock up on a variety of materials to use for different projects. For instance, be sure to have different types of paper on hand, some fabrics, vinyl’s, freezer paper, adhesive paper, canvases, wood, and any other type of material you think you could possibly use for any of your projects. By doing so, you’ll enjoy that you can make just about anything your imagination creates.


You’ll be amazed at the amount of cutting that’s necessary when you craft, so having some type of knife or cutting board on hand is a must. Depending on how often you craft will depend on which tool actually meets your specific needs. If you cut often, such as for invitations, then a cutting board—especially one that can cut a large assortment at one time—is a smart investment. If you don’t cut often and the cuts you do make need to be more intricate, then having an Exacto knife on hand is a better choice.

Crafting has plenty of benefits, and if it’s something you truly enjoy, then be sure to invest in these tools to take your crafting to the next level.


  • Terri S

    This is a great list. I don’t have any branding irons. I guess I will have to start checking them out. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I wish I had a cutting board and cutters! They have been on my list for a long time! I would love a new sewing machine too, but I have no idea where I’d put it.

  • Lauryn R

    These are definitely all amazing crafting tools! I have always wanted to own/learn how to use a sewing machine! The new cricut machine looks pretty cool as well, there is so much you could do with one! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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