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My Savvy Review Of ProjeX ~ The Projecting Game Arcade

With the summer in full swing here and the kiddos at home, and possibly home this fall too if the schools do not open back up, I am always looking for fun thing to keep my kids entertained. It is easy to get a bit stir crazy which is why fun games whether they are video games or board games are the perfect solution plus they get the family interacting and spending time together which I love. This is why I jumped at the chance to try out ProjeX, the Projecting Game Arcade that literally turns any wall in your home into a projection gaming arcade!

ProjeX is super fun and I love that it is completely portable. You can take this unit with you anywhere as it runs on 3 AA batteries. That means you can use it outdoors on your garage door or on a makeshift backyard screen or you can take it with you camping, on a vacation… anywhere. I happen to have a wall in my home that is blank and which makes for the perfect spot to play and it works best in dark conditions so I simply close the shades during the day to make sure it is as dark as possible and playing at night is even better.

ProjeX projects moving targets that you can blast on any light colored wall. You can choose from 5 different games and 3 different skill levels which mean you will not get bored as you can change it up and change the levels of difficulty any time that you like. You can blast away at 3 different target images too… the Duck, Target & UFO’s and each blaster has a 6 shot capacity.

ProjeX can be played as a single player or in two player mode as you receive the ProjeX Game unit and 2 ProjeX Blasters. There are 3 ways to play…. 1) Solo, 2) Head to Head, and 3) Co-op. If you are only playing solo… you only plug in one blaster to ensure it is in solo mode. For head to head or co-op you plus in both blasters. To shoot and begin you simply slide back the blaster holster and it loads your 6 shots for you.

ProjeX comes with 3 different interchangeable image slides for different targets and sound effects. You simply slide the slides into the top of the unit and the unit keeps it fun with the digital sound effects and LED scoring display. I have to mention that I love the LED scoring display as my husband loves to try and cheat no matter what game we play. The fact that the unit keeps track and he cannot try to pull one over on me or the kids is priceless…LOL. 

Take a look at this video of my husband playing the game. Notice my cat who loves it as much as we do too!

So what do you think of ProjeX, the Projecting Game Arcade? Is this not the coolest? I love that it is portable family fun that can be used outdoors and indoors all while there being absolutely NO need for a TV! The simulated laser provides amazing accuracy and hours of fun whether playing solo, head to head or co-op. Look for them at Walmart or Target today and let the projection gaming begin!

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