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Unique Ways to Treat Your Partner

Sharing a life with another person is both rewarding and challenging. Long term relationships require more than just butterflies in the stomach and bouquets of flowers. Romantic relationships are built on not only attraction and love but a deep understanding of your partner as a person. Occasionally life moves in unpredictable ways meaning that taking the time to show how much you care for your significant other can be difficult. This doesn’t mean you can’t remind them every now and then that you still care. Here are a few ideas about how to surprise your loved one in unique and fun ways.

Something Personal

Show your partner that you know them inside out by choosing an element of your relationship unknown by the outside world and making a gift of it. Do you share any inside jokes? An unusual pet-name? Bring these aspects of your relationship to the forefront to demonstrate how important your partner is to you. You could give a plush animal resembling the name you call them or find a picture that relates to a funny shared moment.

Something Adventurous

Your partner may love to travel, or they may prefer to stay at home. Either way, planning a vacation as a surprise gives you the chance to sweep them off their feet all over again. A few words of caution, though:

• Make sure you know their schedule – you don’t want to take them to another country when they have made other plans at work.
• Don’t spend money your partner wouldn’t want to be spent – it’s best not to hide or lie about money if you share finances.
• If your partner is afraid of flying or traveling by boat or train, take this into consideration.

You might decide that taking your partner far away might disrupt them too much. In this case, arrange a treasure hunt calling back to previous special moments in your nearby area. Being romantic doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money.

Something Cheeky

The distinguishing feature that separates your romantic relationship from family and friendships is the opportunities for sauciness. After years together, sometimes partners grow physically distant or accustomed to one another. To relight that flame, invest in some alluring new outfits or underwear either for yourself or your partner. If you want to get particularly romantic, boudoir photography can be a fun surprise. Spend the day feeling completely at ease creating photos your other half will love.

Something Unexpected

Has your loved one always wanted to make their own pottery? Create their own scent? Research classes and events that suit your partner’s interests and surprise them with something that shows how well you know each other. If you’re allergic to cats and aren’t able to have a pet in the house but your significant other loves them, arrange for your partner to visit a cat café. Step out of your comfort zone and track down activities that aren’t typical dates. You’ll be sure to make long-lasting memories together.

Something Cozy

While jet-setting and gift-giving are great ways of reminding your partner how much you love them, sometimes it is just as effective to stay in and spend quality time together. This doesn’t mean squeezing in a few hours of TV before bed on a weekday. Make a solid commitment to carving out a day for just the two of you to relax in each other’s company. Sometimes the simplest ways to express your love are the best.


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