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4 Cheap Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Everyone wants their home to look stylish and well-kept. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend loads of money or do a complete overhaul to give your home a luxe style. With this in mind, here are four tricks to make your home look more expensive for less.

1. Upgrade your light fixtures

Elegant light fixtures can instantly give your home a more luxe and expensive feel. Upgrade your old light fixtures with glamorous chandeliers to create a bold focal point in any room. Replacing old lamp shades with vibrant, patterned ones is another fantastic way to dress-up a space and give your home decor a more stylish look. Mood lighting can also be used to add ambiance and create a calming atmosphere. If you need some inspiration, just head over to LightScoop; they have plenty of reviews, guides, and tips for all things lighting!

2. Spruce up your yard

The appearance of your yard and outdoor space is extremely important because it sets the tone for what the rest of your home is going to be like. You can easily create a good first impression by keeping your outdoor space well-maintained. Make sure that you carry out some key yard maintenance by regularly cutting the grass, trimming back trees and bushes, and getting rid of any weeds. If you have the best electric lawn mower, simple tasks like mowing the lawn will become much easier and your garden will become more manageable. Adding some exotic, colorful flowers or an eye catching water feature is a great way to improve your yard’s curb appeal. If you don’t have the time to care for your yard, then let a professional do the hard work! Greater Brisbane Gardens offer a professional gardening service that promises to transform your yard and get your outdoor space looking beautiful and stylish in no time.

3. Add texture with accessories

Using accessories to add texture to your decor is a quick and affordable way to add instant style and luxury. Use the following accessories to create a luxe look – plush silk cushions, heavy velvet drapes, animal-print shaggy rugs, soft fur throws, and large scale art. Try experimenting with bold shades like red, emerald, or navy blue and combine different textures like metal, wood, and fabrics. Adding mirrors is a fantastic way to create the illusion of space and vintage style mirrors can instantly create an elegant look. Make sure you use mirrors to accessorize throughout your home to create a luxurious style. According to Reader’s Digest, magazines are a great source of home decorating ideas on how to accessorize a room, so make sure to check some out to get inspiration for your home decor.

4. Keep your home organized

Luxurious properties are always clean and well-organized – no home will look expensive if it’s unkempt and dirty. Add bookshelves, cases, and tables to help keep your living space tidy and organized. You can use decorative bowls and baskets to hide clutter and shelving can be used to showcase collections and niknaks. Make sure you clean your home regularly and keep countertops and tables clear and free from any unnecessary clutter. Adopting a minimalist style will help keep your living space tidy and give your home a more polished, luxe look.


  • Wendy McBride

    It’s a nice reminder that it doesn’t always take a lot of money to make great improvements on your home. I am wanting to remodel, but have to do a little at a time. So these are great tips!

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