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How To Protect Your Future

The world is facing an uncertain future, so in turn, you are too. Although the general economy and even our social structures are going through massive changes, there are several things you can do to ensure you’ve got a bright future ahead of you and build your personal wealth simultaneously. Even if you don’t have a rainy day fund and you’ve never really taken the time to look at your retirement investment portfolio, there’s no time like the present to get started.

Below, you can find tips to set up a bright future and get ahead in life.

Look at different financing options for retirement

Many Americans across the country are watching as their 401(k) investments drop in value. For many workers who are close to retirement, this can mean a major blow to their standard of living once they’re officially in retirement. Luckily, there’s a financial product called a reverse mortgage that can help you with the liquid cash you need to survive and thrive while enjoying your golden years. 

reverse mortgage explained: Americans who own substantial equity in their home, are 62 years of age or older, and live in their home permanently may be eligible for a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage converts the equity you have in your home into money you can use however you want. You can get a lump sum, monthly payments, or a combination of those two options. It’s prudent to consider this option if you feel that you can’t maintain your standard of living without considerably more cash on hand.

Start a side hustle

Are you a talented painter or crafter? Now is the time to market those side hustles and profit off your creative skills. Diversifying your income can help you should you lose your job in a mass layoff or market downturn. You can create your own e-commerce storefront to show off your wares. Or, you can start freelancing your skills and build a client base outside of your normal work. 

By investing time in a side business, you can ensure that you still have a “Plan B” if things start to go south. 

Be Ready To Protect You & Yours

In these uncertain times it is important to be prepared to protect yourself and your family, and this is in addition to all of the additional tips included in this post. Making sure that you have a firearm to use in the event you need to protect your home or personal property is of the utmost importance, especially with all of the talks of defunding the police this past summer. It is also important to make sure you get the training needed to use that firearm safely and also to store it safely. You can get a lockbox to use in your home and you can also check out the best car holster that you can buy to keep your firearm safe while in your vehicle and traveling.

Network harder than ever before

If you don’t already use LinkedIn, now’s the time to start. It’s a good idea to build your network and connect with like-minded professionals. If you lose your job, your new digital network will prove invaluable to your job search. 

And, don’t forget to pay it forward. If you’re in a position to help others on their job search journey, consider providing references for others.

Reduce your discretionary spending

If you’re worried about your future, money is likely a top concern. It’s a good time to start budgeting if you don’t do that already. The first item on your budgeting agenda should be addressing your discretionary spending. Start by tracking your spending for at least a month so you can see from a high-level where you spend the majority of your money and monitor your cashflow. 

Then, pull out the products and services you don’t really need to spend cash on. For example, if you regularly dine outside of your home, now is the time to dust off that old cookbook and turn on the oven. Once you cut out these costs, you’ll notice you have a lot more money you can put into your savings account. 

Build up your emergency savings

Most Americans don’t have enough emergency savings on hand. In fact, many people live paycheck-to-paycheck. With that said, it’s crucial you start to save money and set some aside for a rainy-day fund. Ideally, you’ll have enough money saved up for at least three months of living expenses. You should also consider tucking some of those funds away in reliable stocks.

Conclusion: Protect your future, one step at a time

Although this is a scary time for many people, there are plenty of ways you can protect yourself and your family. The first step you’ll want to take is examing your finances to ascertain where you can save money and cut down on discretionary spending. If you’re close to retirement, it’s imperative that you start looking at your retirement funds and determine whether or not you have enough cash on hand to live comfortably. The best way to face your future is with calmness and a strategic plan in place. With this article, you can protect your future and live happily ever after.


  • chad

    I have been thinking very seriously about going full steam ahead with my side hustle, i feel now is the right time to go for it.

  • Norma

    Great ideas! I will have to start working on my emergency savings, especially now during COVID-19 you don’t know what will happen next and an emergency fund can give you peace of mind.

  • R U S S

    I’m sure the pandemic, the lockdowns, and everything else happening are all making that wake-up call both to nations and to individuals. I’m sure that when there is a tiny bit of normalcy, people will start to think and plan ahead. Most Filipinos also don’t have a rainy-day fund.

  • Norafiqin

    OMG I was just having this conversation with my husband. It’s so easy to live paycheck to paycheck but there has to be something we can do to save the money for old age. Especially if we don’t have an insurance plan. These are great tips!

  • Eileen M Loya

    All these tips will definitely help secure a better future. I always believe in small, consistent actions are a good way to achieve your goals.

  • Pilar

    Thanks a lot for all the advice, my favorite was to “start a side hustle”. It’s perfect to start freelancing or create an online shop! wish you the best during this time!

  • Marysa

    These are great ways to be prepared. It is good that I was already doing some work from home, as that as come in handy as a way to bring in some income while we are home.

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