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5 Tips for Staying Comfy While Traveling

Traveling for long distances on planes, trains, and automobiles can get uncomfortable if you don’t know the right tips for staying comfortable. You need to be presentable upon arrival after long walks through airport terminals, long stretches of highway traffic, and sitting in uncomfortable seats. Learn how to stay comfy while traveling with these useful tips and learn to love the journey. 

1. Wear comfortable footwear. 

Wait until after you arrive at your destination to make a statement with your footwear. Wear comfortable shoes on travel day that are supportive and easy to put on and take off. Never underestimate that you may need to run through a terminal to catch your flight. 

2. Don’t wear anything tight-fitting. 

Wear looser clothing on travel day to stay comfortable for several hours. Tight clothing becomes restrictive and uncomfortable when you are traveling to a hot destination. 

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3. Layer your clothing. 

Airports and airplanes can go from annoyingly hot to uncomfortably cold climates. If you arrive at your destination at night or travel from one climate to another, you’ll need to be able to adapt to all temperatures. Layer your clothing and keep your extra layers easily accessible. Leave a little wiggle room in your luggage to fit your layers when not using them. 

4. Stretch and move your body. 

Sitting on a plane, a bus, or riding in a car for long distances makes your body restless and cramped. Get up and move your bodyduring a long flight, stretch around in your bus seat, and make stops along the road to get out and walk around. 

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5. Pillows and eyemasks. 

Sleeping while you travel is a good idea so that you arrive at your destination fresh. Pack a comfortable neck pillow to support your head when sleeping upright. Bring along an eye mask to help you sleep as well. Both a neck pillow and eyemask are easy and small to pack in your luggage. 

Upgrade the comfort of your next set of travel plans with these tips for staying comfy while traveling.

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