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5 Reasons Your Skin Is Looking Dry

Dry skin, especially in winter, can cause a lot of problems. If left untreated, the skin can crack and even split. This might leave you prone to infections and sores. Of course, the flakiness and itching is quite unpleasant too. Dry skin can happen anywhere on your body, but it seems that the face is the most vulnerable. Lips, in particular, are thin so can easily chap. Here are 5 of the less common reasons your skin might have dried out, and a few tips to help you get it back to good health:


Most sufferers of this condition know it causes tiredness. But hypothyroidism that is not treated correctly can lead to puffy features and dry skin. The lack of thyroxine can also mess about with your iron levels, leaving you anemic. Paleness is a common symptom of this but skin dryness can also occur. Make sure your B vitamins and Iron supplements are topped up, and check in with your doctor about your T levels.


Cigarettes will cause yellow staining on the fingers that hold them. But did you know that the smoke can overheat your skin? It can also leave poisonous residue on your face that will cause the skin to dry out more. And we all know that the chemicals in cigarettes can cause premature aging.

Smoke from cigarettes will dry out your skin. Picture source

If you want to stop suffering all the dryness that comes with smoking, you might choose to try vaping first. Places like Vaporescence website take you through the equipment you need and the choices you have. Nicotine withdrawal is unpleasant so you might prefer a Juice that still contains some of this addictive ingredient.

Too Much Coffee

Coffee, tea, cola, and even artificial sweeteners can cause dehydration. You might think you’re drinking enough when you have these, but sometimes, plain water is the best way to go. Fruit smoothie or milk are considered to be food rather than drink. Of course, a little fruit juice in water can go a long way toward flavoring the water.

Coffee as a diuretic might contribute to drying you out. Picture source

Heating Is On Too Much

If you’re indoors a lot at this time of year, be wary about having the heat on too much. It reduces the humidity in the room by a lot, drying you and your wooden furniture out! Try to keep it balanced at around the 50% mark to help you feel a little more refreshed and your skin a little more comfortable.


Did you know that public swimming pools are full of chemicals like chlorine? This is essential to avoid the spread of illnesses and germs. Unfortunately, it’s stripping your skin of its natural oils too. This can lead to red, sore, and very dry skin. Rinse the water thoroughly from your face when you head to the showers. You should also spend a little time cleansing with something gentle like Micellar water before moisturizing.

Our skin is so vulnerable at times, and there is little you can do to keep it protected. Of course, if you’re more aware of the things that cause this dryness, you can help to reduce the risk of damage. Take care.


  • Linda Manns Linneman

    My skin gets very dry. I do several of these things you are suggesting not to do. Great information. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Amy P

    I think the heater is drying my house out a lot. The static electricity causes frequent shocks, and my skin is dry and cracking. It doesn’t help that I have a new baby and am constantly washing my hands, I suppose. Lotion was a good invention!

  • kathy m

    These are all great suggestions as to what dries our skin out in the winter. This time of year the heater runs a lot. Drinking plenty of water seems to help! Taking care of our insides first is an awesome idea

  • Karley Moore

    It is true that smoking ruins your skin. I quit 8 months ago and i’ve seen a definite improvement in my complexion! Thanks for the info!

  • Barbara

    Interesting . I learned a few bad habits I have are also damaging to my skin. I did give one up for New Years. So far I’m holding it.

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