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Convert Any Desk Into An Adjustable Standing Desk With Readydesk! @TheReadydesk @SMGurusNetwork

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With the New Year here, I have been looking for new ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle with changes in my drinking and eating habits as well as some extra exercise to help get me back into better shape. Being a blogger makes it hard to maintain the needed exercise that my body needs to burn calories as I am sitting for many hours a day. This is the very reason I was super excited to try out the Readydesk 2. The Readydesk 2 is a much needed upgrade to my office as it is amazing what standing for a few hours a day does to improve my overall activity levels and overall health. In fact…. I read that 3 hours of standing a day versus sitting…. 5 times a week…. burns as many calories as running a marathon each month. Who would have thought that by simply standing 3 hours a day I am improving my overall health and wellness. This was astonishing to me… add in my extra walking each day and I am in for a serious change for sure. I love it… and I truly love standing at times versus sitting when working now that I have my Readydesk. 

Now, let’s talk about how nice this is for my workspace. This is a nice, sturdy and well made fabulous desk and I love the cool look it provides. When I feel good about my workspace and everything is tidy and in its place… I just perform better overall. Plus the added health benefits are a plus! Sitting too much increases your chance of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. It’s basically as bad as smoking. And it makes sense when you think about how much employees sit on a daily basis: commutes, meals, all day at work, watching TV in the evening, etc. If you work at a computer, chances are you are too sedentary. Readydesk is a simple standing solution, and popular for workers in education, biotech, marketing, engineering, advertising, government, editing, media—pretty much any field where you sit at a computer for so long each day that it drains your life energy and turns your spine into mush. 

Readydesk is easy to assemble and requires no tools to put together. Made of responsibly-forested Birch….. It’s award-winning design is built for proper posture and functional aesthetic. It was brought to market after three years of development and consulting with engineers and chiropractors. Readydesk has developed a stand up desk that adjusts to your height in order to give you an upright workspace that is comfy and sleek. With Readydesk, multiple platforms adjust to your height. Whether 5’0″ or 6’3″, you can stand in the “ready” posture: eyes straight ahead, elbows bent at 90º. This is the one standing desk that everyone needs as it is simply amazing. They offer 100 day Free Returns & I love that it is made in the USA as well. A company that stands behind its products and that actually makes their product in the USA… are extra special to me for sure. I love anything made in the USA!

Take a look at Readydesk for yourself as I think that you will find that you love it as much as I do! This is the most awesome standing desk and I will never be able to work from my computer the same again…. I will be standing more than 50% of the time as it is a much healthier and more productive work environment for me…. for all! Visit them on their website, via social media and their desks are also available on Amazon! Check them out today.


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  • Mary M.

    My brother and I were talking about these over the weekend. We both want and need one. Whichever gets one first, the other will get one for their house as well. He needs it for his job; I need it more-so for my posture and sitting too much. It would be great to win one of these!

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