My Savvy Review Of The ScoopFree® Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box @PetSafe @SMGurusNetwork

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My Savvy Review Of The ScoopFree® Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box @PetSafe @SMGurusNetwork

Deliciously Savvy received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

I love Shadow The Cat! I Mean Look At This Handsome Devil! He has been in need of a new litter box for quite sometime and the ScoopFree® Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box from PetSafe was the perfect solution. I was a bit skeptical to start but after using this unit for a full month, and that is after Shadow adjusting to the new unit, it has provided amazing results. Check Shadow hanging out with Allen…..

Now let me tell you all about the transition. I left his old litter box around for about 2 weeks in conjunction with the ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box and that seemed to work perfectly. I purposely did not clean his old litter box as I normally do to encourage him to use the new one as I know that he likes everything clean and tidy. This worked perfectly as Shadow used the new ScoopFree unit a few times and then seemed to get more comfortable with using it daily. I have to say….. after 1 month and a refill later…. Shadow the Cat still stands around waiting for the unit to self clean itself. He is always so curious as are all cats…. and he loves to wait to watch it “do its thing”. I have to state that this unit works beautifully and there is minimal odor, if at all, as the ScoopFree crystal litter does an amazing job at absorbing the odors to start. After 20 minutes the unit does a slow raking of the litter to scoop any waste into the box located under the waste flap and with that the unit is now perfectly clean and ready to go. You can choose this unit to come with a hood or without and it is available in two color choices as well. Shadow loves it!

Check out this video to see how this fabulous unit works.

As you can see the process is a breeze. If you have one cat the refill box should last you close to a month. I think I was a few days shy of a month when I replaced mine. It is totally economical plus the ScoopFree crystal litter is unbelievably lightweight as compared to my traditional litter. I love that when I swap it out it has a lid that goes right over the top for easy disposal and then you just simply pop a new one in and it is ready to go. Easy as can be and hands down works perfectly. I order my refills with the ScoopFree Amazon Dash Button as it is super convenient and the price is perfect. I order the refills in bulk as you receive an added discount in the price…. so it is well worth it. I also love buying in bulk as I have the trays on hand to swap out whenever the tray needs to be changed and by doing this I am keeping Shadow the Cat happy. He is picky about his litter box being tidy so this has made my life much easier and has kept Shadow happy as well.

Check Out PetSafe and their entire collection of products available for pet owners and their furry family members. The ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box is the best thing I have come across in a long time. I am in love with it as is Shadow the Cat and for good reason. Check it out for yourself and for your furry feline. They will most definitely love you for it.


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29 Replies to “My Savvy Review Of The ScoopFree® Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box @PetSafe @SMGurusNetwork”

  1. I really need to invest in one of these. We have 2 cats and they leave a mess outside the box. It might help with the beagle also who sticks her nose in their box if I don’t have it blocked off.

    1. My little Chihuahua has been busted in the litter box…. eeeewh! 🙂 To funny!

  2. That does look like a good litter box. No cat anymore…

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This is so nice. My daughter in law has two cats. She would love this for her house. I will check this out. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. Melissa Storms says:

    This would be fantastic to have. Our cat is indoor /outdoor, she always comes inside to use the litter box, lol.

  5. This looks really neat! My cat Randall eats ALOT and his box is always a mess when I go to clean it.

  6. I bet it’s funny seeing the cat stand there for 20 minutes waiting for the box to cleanit self and then watching it happen. Hilarious! Good idea for transitioning to the new box!

  7. Karen Propes says:

    We don’t have cats, but my friends to and I will be passing on this information. It’s great they offer a great product.

  8. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds so nice. I think I would prefer having the hood. I love that you have two colors to choose from. My family needs one of these. Thank you for sharing

  9. Kathleen Tracey says:

    My niece needs to look into one of these for her cats.

  10. One of the reasons I don’t have a cat is the constant maintenance of the litter box. Yuk! But, this litterbox may be an option for us.

  11. Mary Clarke says:

    I used to live in a house that that had 7 cats and the owner hardly ever cleaned the litter box!!!!!Ugh. Wish she had one of these!

  12. I have two cats and two litter boxes! I should try this litter.

  13. Darlene Carbajal says:

    This will make everything so much easier.

  14. This looks really convenient and useful! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Sarah Oswald says:

    I would love to own this awesome litter box it would make it so much easier to keep the litter box clean thanks for sharing it!

  16. Abigail Schuette says:

    This cat box looks so cool wish I could have cats at my apartment one day when I get a house and a kitty friend hopefully I’ll get this catbox and I’ll just keep it in mind until then because I love cats and I love all the features of this box anything that makes my life easier and helps with pet care I’ll take so cool

  17. This would be amazing for my cat! I love how simple and easy it is. My cat loves to kick the litter out of his box.

  18. I’ve never owned a cat but my sister does. I bet she’d love this!

  19. I need this!

  20. Katelyn Deveraux says:

    I will definitely be recommending this to my friends with cats! It is a genius idea. Now if only they would make something to scoop dog poop in the yard…

    1. I know…. a little scooper pooper robot…. LOL!

  21. Thank you for sharing. We need to check this out.

  22. Cathy Jarolin says:

    This is an amazing Cat Box. So much easier and cleaner then the standard cat Box. Has a very modern sleek look to it.. I enjoyed your review. The Video really helped to visualize how it works. Thank You for sharing this awesome cat box with us..

  23. Thank you for the detailed review. My friends in large cities have cats as opposed to dogs due to space constrictions… and as the owner of two large dogs, I’m definitely used to the occasional weird smell, hairball, etc… but I’ve encountered some archaic, scary litterboxes… haha. this is really nice looking and definitely looks like it belongs in a swanky city loft!

  24. Shadow is a part tuxedo cat – they are simply awesome! I love the idea of a self cleaning litter box and this one seems to be very easy to swap out. I read your review about how you got Shadow to switch from a regular litter box to this one and that seemed to go wonderfully. One of my hesitations about getting on was getting mine to accept it. It is very helpful that you can re-order from Amazon and have them delivered.

  25. donna porter says:

    This would be great for my sister who has 3 cats. This is such a great idea.

  26. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    This would be a dream come true when it comes to our 2 messy kitties! Great review, I’m sold 🙂

  27. Frankie Pinnix says:

    This looks like an awesome litter box

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