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How to Save Money On Bills by Setting the Best Temperature at Home

There’s so many ways to pinch pennies when it comes to your home. Whether it’s finding the right curtains to keep the summer sun out, or saving on groceries, every dime counts. Some of the best ways to save money in your home can stem from a temperature setting.

Sometimes, the right home temp regulation is all you need to save money! Save on your electric bill, save on air conditioner and heating repair bills, you name it. Here are a few tips on how to save money every month by using your thermostat.

Electric Bills

Your electric bill will directly correlate to how much you use your heat and air each month. If it’s terribly hot outside, and you’ve got your Air Conditioner on full blast, your bill is going to be out of this world! Taking proper care of your home doesn’t just mean keeping it clean! It means making sure your monthly bills are at the minimum, so you can afford to KEEP your home.

There are several steps you can take to keep your energy bill LOW. The recommended ideal temperature is between 64.4°F and 69.8°F. But there are a LOT of other considerations to take into account.

Children! Infants need to be in an environment of 68°F to 70°F while in your home.

Pets! Cats, dogs, and rabbits can typically regulate themselves well with temperatures between 64.4°F and 69.8°F. But if you have any other pet that needs to have specific temperatures to survive, you’ll need to take that into account!

Sickness and the Elderly. Just like infants, if you’re prone to illness, or you are an elderly person you should keep your home between 68°F to 69.8°F.

Taking the Bill Down

There are a couple of daily steps and long-term investments to keep your bill at its lowest. Your thermostat can be you friend!

Turn your heat/air conditioning down if you leave the house for more than 8 hours. This will definitely help to keep your bill down, also. If you suspect that there might be some air conditioning/heating problems, that are sending your bills sky high even though you’ve been vigilant, you may want to contact an HVAC specialist, for example, if you are in Texas you may contact Check your local area for the best-rated contractors and get it seen to and sorted out for any weather that comes your way!

Regularly have your AC unit inspected and cared for. There are lots of elements to an AC unit, like variable frequency drives, that could stop working properly, so to save it from damage keep it checked regularly. Most heating and cooling companies offer deals to clients who book an annual tune-up for their home.

Invest in warm blankets, warm clothing, and bundle up a little in the winter months. This may sound easy, but setting your thermostat to a minimum of 64.4°F can sometimes make your home more than a little cool! Cuddle up on the couch, pull on your socks and stay warm!

Save money by closing/opening doors and windows. Sometimes we can enjoy our homes, and not even have to have the temperature set at all! Spring and early autumn months offer us the best breezes and opportunities to cool/warm our homes using mother nature!

There are so many ways that you can save money every month! Why not start with managing the temperature of your home to do it!

It’s Not Just The Electric Bill

You can save money using the temperature in your home in more ways that just saving you’re your monthly bills. Think more long-term! You can save money on costly repairs to your heating units and your air conditioning unit.

If you live in a warm climate, and BLARE your air conditioning non-stop during the summer months, that’s a lot of stress on your unit. If your heater is abused during the winter months, you’re looking at a huge repair bill. Or even worse, having to replace your unit all together! If you are in the situation where you do need someone with expertise to tend to your broken heating unit, look for heating repair services in your area.

Taking the Temperature of Your Home

Taking good care of your heating/cooling mechanics, being conscious of the weather around you, and setting the right temperatures can save you money! Get a little savvy with these helpful tips to keep your bill down and your home up to par!


  • Michelle Proper

    I love blankets and have extra’s for couch cuddle time in the evenings. I also love sleeping with the thermostat turned down more. I sleep much better! I also have budget billing and love candlelit evenings once in awhile 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    I turn the heat down at night and if I leave the house. During the day, I use a few good space heaters, too. It really reduces the bills.

  • MD Kennedy

    And take advantage of natural warming! We are lucky to have direct sunlight all morning, so we don’t even have the heat on until after lunch, if even then.

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