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How to Incorporate Gems Said to Have Healing Properties into Your Outfits

A lot of cultures throughout history have believed that gemstones have properties that can affect people’s well-being. From ancient civilizations like the Egyptians who believed that certain stones had the power of Gods, to modern new age philosophies that believe that natural gemstones carry special vibrations that can help to balance a person’s energies, people have long been fascinated by semi-precious and precious stones.

Whether or not you believe in the healing power of crystals and gems, there is no doubt that they are beautiful things to wear. If you would like to incorporate gems with special histories and beliefs around them into your clothing, then there are lots of ways to do this. Here we’re going to take a look at how you can incorporate more gemstones into what you wear this spring.

The Value of Gems

Semi-precious stones have been valued not just for their beauty but also their rarity. Rare stones or stones that are harder to mine or cut tend to be worth more, which is why diamonds for instance are so very valuable, whereas stones that are just as beautiful can be considerably cheaper to buy and wear. Stones believed to have healing properties in some cultures are not necessarily the most expensive stones to use as jewelry, for example quartz types of stones like rose quartz, are believed to have a calming effect, and are very beneficial to wear, but are fairly inexpensive.
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Wearing Gems in Your Jewelry

When it comes to wearing the gems, you can find that gems in their raw form, where they look rough and natural can be a great way to wear them day to day. A bracelet or necklace made of a raw cut stone can make a great casual accessory.

For evening wear however, you may prefer to wear classically cut stones, for example rubies, sapphires and emeralds cut by jewelers that can be worn as earrings, pendants and rings.

Which Gems Will Look Great with Spring 2018 Fashion?

If you are concerned with matching your gem collection with the fashions you’ll be wearing this season, then it is a good idea to look at the colors that are in fashion for spring 2018 and see which stones have these color themes. The color of the year for 2018 by Pantone is called ultraviolet, and amethyst is a great stone to wear if you want to incorporate this color into what you are wearing. Other pale stones such as rose quartz, aquamarine, and tourmaline can also be easy to match with Spring 2018 fashion trends.

Clear stones like crystal, diamond, and zirconia are also beautiful things to wear in spring if you don’t want the color of your jewelry to distract from the color of your clothing, but do you want to add some of the beauty of gemstones to your outfit.

Gemstones can be fun to wear and can add an interesting touch to your fashion choices, and if you believe that they have special properties that can help you feel more energized relaxed or balanced, then choosing the right stones can also give you an extra lift.

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  • Frankie Pinnix

    I’ve always been fascinated coupled with wonder about gems/crystals! I greatly enjoyed your article, and you answered some things that I had questions about! Thanks!

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