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Treat The Symptoms Of Perimenopause Naturally With NeuEve

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I am super excited to share NeuEve with everyone that I know as I am loving their all natural products, developed by an OBGYN and that are perfect for treating the symptoms of Perimenopause naturally. Women have lots of options out there but what I love about NeuEve is that it is now possible to treat these symptoms without filling your body with anything synthetic. NeuEve’s Silver Formula Natural Vaginal Inserts and Natural Vaginal Cream provide the relief  you are looking for all while being non-hormonal, organic and totally natural! That is huge to me and the reason I jumped at the chance to give these products a try. I have been using these products for about 3 weeks now and can say for sure that they work and they work beautifully.

NeuEve Natural Suppositories are perfect for women suffering from vaginal dryness, painful sex, BV and so much more. They have different types of suppositories to choose from depending on your symptoms. NeuEve’s suppositories are available in BV Clear to treat Bacteria Vaginosis, Silk for Dryness & Atrophy, Silver for Perimenopause, & Gold for those that suffer from painful sex and all formulas are all natural, hormone free, food-grade, and organic. I chose the Silver Vaginal Inserts as they are the perfect choice for those with symptoms of Perimenopause and I have to say that the relief is real! I have not had issues this past week at all with vaginal dryness which is huge and the reason I had to share my love for NeuEve with you all.

NeuEve Silver Suppositories are made with vitamins and nutrients to nourish your vaginal tissues which naturally moisturizes and heals painful sex (dyspareunia) and bacterial vaginosis. NeuEve Silver is their middle-strength vaginal suppository and it is perfect for women who are between 40 and 50 years old or have been post-menopausal for less than 5 years. And the best part….NeuEve does not contain any estrogen, progesterone, herbs, or drugs which makes makes NeuEve perfect for women wanting to avoid hormones like myself.

Another product that I am loving from NeuEve is their Natural Vaginal Cream. This cream is a must have for sufferers of Vulvar itching, burning, dryness, atrophy, painful intercourse (dyspareunia) and/or vaginal muscle spasm (vaginismus) and this cream is mainly for the external vulvar where the suppositories do not reach. This is perfect to use in combination of the suppositories and a little goes a long way.

So what do you think of NeuEve and their all natural line of products made right here in the USA? Are you like me and experiencing the symptoms of perimenopause such as loss of libido, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, trouble sleeping at night, crashing fatigue, incontinance, and so much more and looking for an all natural product that non-hormonal, organic and created by a gynecologist? Head over to NeuEve and check out their amazing line of products designed to do just that…. and all without containing any estrogen, progesterone, herbs, or drugs. Visit them online and on social media today!


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  • Dana Rodriguez

    I am not having this problem right now but I will keep this in mind. Sounds like a great product!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I was fortunate in that I didn’t really have a bad time with menopause, but I know a lot of women who do. Knowing that there are natural products out there that could help is good to find.

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