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Receive More With Your Water By Using The Drinkpod 3.5L Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher! @SMGurusNetwork

Receive More With Your Water By Using The Drinkpod 3.5L Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher! @SMGurusNetwork

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With New Years right around the corner, I am getting ready to tackle my New Years resolutions which are focused on all things health and wellness. Last year I got my family eating cleaner and healthier but this year I want to continue on that journey by being better about drinking water each and every day as we all still need improvement on that as well as incorporating a regular weekly fitness routine. I recently had the chance to try Drinkpod’s 3.5L Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher and was super excited to do so as I have been reading a lot about the amazing benefits that Alkaline water can provide and I for sure would love to be able to do that for myself and my family as our health and wellness means everything.

The Drinkpod Alkaline Water Pitcher is designed to purify and naturally ionize your tap water, giving it a refreshing and crisp taste. The extra-large and easy to use pitcher balances your pH level and boosts alkalinity while removing harmful contaminants and making your water antioxidant-rich. I am loving this and I cannot believe how affordable this pitcher is too! This pitcher will allow me and my family to stick to my New Years resolutions as we will stay healthy & hydrated with clean and delicious alkaline water all because of this amazing pitcher from Drinkpod.

The Drinkpod Alkaline Water Pitcher provides you with fresh, instantly filtered alkaline water. The Drinkpod utilizes an 8 stage cartridge consisting of ION Exchange Resin, Tourmaline, Mineral Balls, and Carbon. All of these combine to purify…. removing chlorine, odors, heavy metals, zinc, copper, lead and pollutants to create an amazingly delcioious alkaline beverage and the best part is that each filter lasts for 60 days! Oh and did I mention that you receive 3 filters with the pitcher, so you have 6 months worth of delicious instantly fresh alkaline water.

I love that the Drinkpod Alkaline Water Pitcher greatly improves hydration. By micro-clustering and reducing the water molecule size, this pitcher prodcues easily-absorbable alkaline water that will get your body hydrated faster and more effectively which is huge for me as proper hydration and getting enough of our water intake each day is one of my upcoming New Years resolutions. I also appreciate that added benefits as the pitcher contains minimal free radicals and toxins, is a powerful antioxidant PLUS it enhances your energy levels and your immune system.

So what do you think of Drinkpod’s Alkaline Water Pitcher? Are you like me and looking to ensure that you family is hydrated and ready to rock the New Year? Well let Drinkpod provide your family with their hydration needs as there is no better way to hydrate than with alkaline water and Drinkpod provides that and more t-with their amazing 8-stage filter system. Check it out today online and on Amazon! 

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