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College Must-Have: 5 Things You Need to Survive College

College students have a tough but rewarding road ahead of them. Education is expensive. All the materials that a student needs to stay on top of their studies are difficult enough to keep up with, then you add the cost of utilities and other necessities on top and it can be difficult to budget and get by. Here are a few items you need that will prove invaluable if they are not already provided to you by the college you are attending. 

The internet is very important, and while most colleges have resources for internet access you should take the opportunity to provide for yourself in this regard if you can as it will allow for greater schedule flexibility. If you can afford to, make sure to look at internet routers for sale and find a good internet plan to go with your router as well. Just be aware that there are a few ways to exploit easily visible internet connections and take a few steps to make sure your internet connection is safe, and you should be good to go.

Textbooks are required for many classes these days, so making sure that you have enough material to help you with your studies like notebooks and pencils is absolutely required. That being said, you can find better ways to get these essentials than your college’s in-house student supply shop since things like notebooks tend to be more expensive there than elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to hit up Walmart over supporting the college you attend if you need the money; chances are, they are getting enough of your money as it is anyway.

When it comes to meeting the religious needs of the student body, it can be difficult to find a way to meet the needs of every individual student so you should come more than prepared if you are not certain that there is already a student organization that already practices your faith. Indeed, if one does not already exist you could start your own using either homemade materials or though ones purchased through a company that specializes in selling religious group-study like VBS


reasonable diet and exercise routine is also very helpful for a college career, and even though the stereotype of a poor college student living off of ramen persists you should still make an effort to stay healthy if you can. Some of the easiest changes you can make can include not drinking sugary drinks in favor of plain water and making your own meals over buying food from the campus chow hall or from fast-food restaurants. Following a regular exercise routine, even if it is just walking around campus, is a good idea as well. 

Hygiene is more important than what many people give it credit for, and it is easy to slip when it comes to taking care of yourself. An alarming number of college students don’t actually wash their hands, and many students feel that the on-campus hygienic facilities are lacking as well. With this in mind, it becomes all the more important for you to make an effort to stay hygienic; attending class is incredibly important, and getting sick too often can make staying on top of your coursework trying at best.

The things you need to get a degree are largely related to self-discipline, self-care, and lots of studying. As a college student, you will undoubtedly have a lot of time constraints to deal with as well as the stress of making sure your grades are acceptable. Regardless of where your strengths lie, though, you should make sure you don’t burn yourself out on your way to success if you can help it even a little.

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