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Smart Ways to Stay Looking Young

The fact that there is such wild variation in how people’s ages match up to their looks is a definite sign that age is merely a number; the real reason people look young is because of the life decisions that they make and the way they tailor their looks to remain youthful and energetic. This article takes a closer look at some of these techniques, exposing their methods and high-lighting their benefits.


Your skin goes through some changes as you age, from the hormone-charged acne episodes of youthful adolescence to the increasing wrinkles and blotchiness of more aged and leathery skin. To stave off the descent of your skin into unappealing creases and blemishes, you can do an awful lot to take care of what is the biggest organ in the body, through dietary and lifestyle choices, the right form of skincare product, and the avoidance of exposure to the sun without the adequate application of sunscreen.

When it comes to your diet, there’s no end to the choice of foods to slip into your favorite recipes in order to give some vital vitamins and minerals to your skin. It needn’t be a drag through fruit and vegetables – although many are beneficial to tone, color, and softness – you can eat dark chocolate and drink coffee on your way to healthier skin. Stopping smoking and drinking to excess has direct correlations with healthier skin while using certain anti-aging creams and moisturizing regularly will stave off the effects of wrinkled age playing out on the skin. Additionally, consider taking essential supplements like magnesium which regulate so many processes within the body. Check out these interesting facts about magnesium if you want to learn more.


An individual’s hair is one of the key physical features that can be instantly assessed in order to determine their age. Young people tend to have long, full, fluffy and healthy-looking hair that’s cut in a fashionable style and held in place with an array of fetching hair products. On the other hand, older people’s hair can appear more dry, limp, thinning or graying. Happily, all the effects of age on your hair can be reduced given the right treatments and care.

Companies such as Capillus provide various haircare products, including products that prevent hair loss. Additionally, if you’re unwilling to accept the silvering of your hair at present, you should get your locks dyed at the hairdresser, where their superior dying methods will prevent damage to your hair. Finally, in order to secure the sort of hair that looks elegant, glistening and vibrant, use tricks like rubbing in olive oil to the scalp before combing it out to hydrate and invigorate your hair from roots to tips. The same goes for men here too! I know lots of men who use Bossman beard balm and I’ve heard so much about the benefits that beard oil can bring. Sometimes we forget that our hair needs looking after but it’s a crucial part of our appearance! Groomingcorp.com has tips to help you improve the appearance of your beard as well as a bunch of other men’s grooming tips – it’s worth checking out.

General Upkeep

Whether it’s because they have more time on their hands than middle-aged people, or because they care more about their appearance as they look for a partner to settle down with, young people put a lot of effort into general upkeep – from hygiene to oral care; tanning salons to pedicures and manicures. If you want to feel and look younger than your years, it’s important and healthy to begin investing a little more time in your cosmetic regime, maybe start by scheduling an appointment with a service such as Dentist Middletown to maintain cosmetic appeal, as well as upkeep of your oral health also, two birds with one stone!

Men and women, for instance, should consider going to the gym to improve muscle tone and posture, enjoying the health and endorphin benefits this entails as a byproduct. If the gym isn’t for you, plan walks into your weekly routine to ensure you are keeping active throughout the week. Maybe go for a swim with family members, or go on a dog walk with a friend. Exercise can seem daunting as you get older, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking care of the little things like nails, eyebrows, beard health or even body odor will allow people to focus on the bigger things, like your generous smile or your boundless energy. Don’t go overboard, and avoid unattractive narcissism, but build pride in your appearance that is fed through regular and dedicated upkeep of the small aspects that make you who you are.


Aside from the biological appearance of your body, there’s also the effect your clothes can have on displaying the age you feel, or the age you wish to appear. Possibly the first step is to take a good long look at your wardrobe, chucking out your oldest clothes or the ones that simply place you in a different era; after all, fashion trends change fast, and you don’t want to come across as a mere relic of a forgotten fad in flares, waistcoat, and wide-collared shirts. If you find you’re a little out of touch with current trends, a little wardrobe revamp may be in order.

Never buy something you don’t genuinely want to wear, as it is easier than you might imagine to detect when looking at a person who seems to want to appear young. However, you can opt for bright colors and rethink some wardrobe choices that show who you are and make the most of your features as opposed to unnecessarily. The steadfast advice to wear clothes that suit your body shape does not change with age; it just means that the style may change slightly.


The hardest factor to pin down but probably the most important of all, your demeanor will de-termine how you present yourself as much as your general appearance will. In the best-case scenarios, your attitude, outlook, and social skills will single you out as a young, fun and excit-ing person; in the worst cases, you’ll cut a tragic figure attempting to recapture their youth but failing to hide some form of discomfort about their age.

Ultimately, it comes down to comfort, acceptance, and amiability. Being comfortable and con-fident in your appearance will ensure your demeanor matches up with the clothes you wear, the makeup you apply, and the age you feel you look. Accepting you are nonetheless older and wiser will mean you don’t attempt any awkward youth slang or athletic endeavor beyond your body’s capacity, while brain amiable, fun, happy and positive can only endear people to you as you mirror those fundamental features of youthful vitality you may have missed in recent years.

Here are your top tips for keeping your youthful appearance into older age; be kind to yourself, dress well and live better and you’ll defy your year’s thanks to the return of youthful vigor to your life.


  • Lauryn R

    These are fantastic tips, thanks for sharing!! I definitely think that your demeanor/attitude helps a lot! Also, drinking plenty of water always helps my skin, hair, and nails look their best.

  • John Smith

    I know that if I try to follow all of these guidelines, I will be radiantly youthful and beautiful!

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