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How to travel the world with a budget

If you’re looking to get out and see more of the world, you may be wondering how to affordably do this without splashing out on constant hotels and restaurant meals. Sticking to a budget means you get to see new countries, experience different cultures and all without emptying your wallet. While budgets vary from person to person, there are several ways you can keep costs down and avoid splurging on unnecessary luxuries.

Use a motorhome

Motorhomes are a brilliant all-in-one option for those who are looking to be self-sufficient. They not only enable you to follow the map on your own terms without the need to rely on public transport, but they also allow you to spend a set amount on accommodation. If you’d rather cross seas with a ferry, allowing you to drive away at the other end, then read this for a little more information on how to finance a motor home.


Of course, while you’re traveling, you’ll want to sample local cuisine and visit restaurants that all the locals are raving about. However, breakfast, lunches, dinners, and snacks can total up to an eye-watering amount if you’re not careful. It’s for this reason that self-catering can save you plenty when you’re traveling the globe. Shopping like a local for groceries can also allow you to live like a local without over-spending. Packing cutlery and containers will also enable you to eat on the cheap if there’s no way to eat at your accommodation that evening.

Set pre-arranged budgets

If you’re particularly bad at sticking to budgets you’ve set, then providing yourself with a limited amount of pocket money every day could be a good way to restrict how much you’re spending every day. Coming to a pre-arranged total for the duration of the trip and rationing out a fixed amount for every single day could be a helpful way to prevent you from over-spending. Being realistic and taking into account groceries, souvenirs and the odd meal out will ensure that you haven’t pulled the purse strings too tight and that you leave with plenty of cash in the first place.

Work if possible

Many people who travel the world find the budget to live comfortably by working while they’re out there. Working abroad not only diversifies your CV, but it also helps to give back to the country you happen to be visiting. Many global travelers have made money by teaching English abroad or working on farms through the WWOOF. Working abroad means that, if you do have to portion out a budget every day or week, you can top it up through your own hard work.

Traveling the world on a budget is all about being relatively self-sufficient. Whether you decide to travel in a motorhome, work abroad for your money, or self-cater, you are essentially ensuring that you don’t rely on too many resources to keep you fed and a roof over your head. Keeping to your budget is about splurging when it’s necessary and being savvy when it counts.

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  • gloria patterson

    Lots of good tips for people to use and remember

    A friend of mine quit her teaching job last summer, sold her home and bought a van. Friend helped make the van into her home. She has a job where she has been teaching as needed for years. When it time where ever she is, she parks at the airport catches a plane and fly’s to where ever. Her goal is to travel and see the USA that she has heard about all her life. She keeps a cooler and fixes most of her meals, and fines the the right place to park her van. She post pictures of where she is or was at. Recently in TX, NM and LA but weather and the price of gas made her decide to go back to the beach for a while…………. She loves it and watches her budget

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