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Seven Top Benefits of Switching to Vaping

Public opinions on vaping may vary, but there’s no denying that e-cigarettes are widely accepted as being safer than smoking traditional cigarettes, even by people who might not wholeheartedly agree with them. So if you are wanting to stop smoking, then it might be a good idea to check out something like these best vape pens to help you stop smoking for good. For smokers who’ve been trying to quit their nasty habit for quite some time, e-cigarettes can provide a refreshing alternative to nicotine gum and patches that allow them to wean themselves off nicotine gradually and hold on to the familiar hand-to-mouth action of smoking whilst avoiding the seventy cancer-causing chemicals found in a regular pack of smokes.

Whether you’re looking for a refillable cig-a-like such as a fenix 2 with a tobacco flavored e-liquid or want all the bells and whistles of an advanced mod and tank with e-juice in every flavor, you can reap the benefits of switching from cigarettes to smoking straight away. Here are just some of the biggest advantages of making the switch.

#1. Improve Your Health:

According to a UK study recently carried out by Public Health England, vaping is around 95% safer than smoking tobacco when it comes to your risk of serious diseases and health problems such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Researchers found that those who switched to vaping from smoking had considerably lower risk levels compared to those who continued smoking, showing that you can still improve your health and decrease your health risk even after being a smoker for some time. There are also vaping products, such as this disposable vape pen canada, which you can use to smoke marijuana. This means you can get the health benefits of marijuana (for example pain relief, treatment of mental health problems and curing sleeping issues) whilst you are vaping.

#2. Save Money:

Another appealing reason why smokers are switching to vaping is to save money. Although vaping certainly doesn’t come without cost and can definitely set you back a fair amount when you first begin, there’s no denying that it’s a much cheaper alternative in the long run. Try searching for vaping and bong deals to try and reduce the cost. This is especially true for ‘pack a day’ smokers, who could be forking out anything between $5-12 a day depending on the state and associated taxes. Compare this to the price of the top e-liquids, and you’ll see considerable differences. In fact, the worth of one pack of cigarettes could be enough to keep you in e-juice for an entire week or even longer, depending on vape usage.

#3. Create a Nicer Environment:

Foul odors and discoloration are just some of the nasty side effects of smoking. Even if you always go outside of your back door or open a window when you smoke a cigarette, chances are that it’s somehow going to have a toxic effect on your home. On the other hand, vaping is completely safe to do indoors and won’t leave a stale, smoky smell on your furniture or turn your white curtains yellow. This is great news for smokers who will no longer need to go outdoors in the cold winter to get their nicotine fix! Since vapor contains very little chemicals and none of the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke, there’s no second-hand smoke to worry about, meaning that you can vape at home and around others guilt-free. A disposable vape will also last longer and be easier to get rid of versus going through packs of cigarettes.

#4. Improve Your Appearance:

After a while, smoking doesn’t just mess with your health. It can also be terrible for your appearance, giving you yellow teeth and nails, making your skin wrinkle earlier than it should, and even leading to limp, greasy hair. Switching to vaping makes it much easier for you to start working on improving your appearance so you like what you see in the mirror once again. Vaping instead of smoking means that you can get your teeth professionally whitened without having to worry about the cigarette smoke undoing all the good work, and you’ll quickly see the effects of making the switch show up on your hair, nails, and skin too.

#5. Enjoy Life Again:

Anyone who has been smoking for some time will probably be able to come up with at least one thing that smoking has made difficult for them. Maybe you used to love running or going to the gym, but now you find it hard due to quickly experiencing shortness of breath or chest tightness. Maybe you’ve not had a good night’s sleep in ages because you’re suffering from a smoker’s cough or wheezing when you’re trying to get some rest. Switching to vaping can help you improve all of these conditions, leading to being able to enjoy the little things in life once again, whether that’s being able to go for a run or bike ride or simply sleeping peacefully all the way through the night.

#6. Have a Positive Environmental Impact:

If you’re worried about your carbon footprint and impact on the environment, then quitting smoking and taking up vaping instead is one of the best things that you can do. Billions of cigarette butts end up as toxic waste every single year, since they are not biodegradable, adding even more to the increasing problem of toxic litter that’s taking over natural environments and the ocean. Instead, vaping creates very little waste since the kits are re-chargeable, and any disposable components are often made of materials such as glass, metal or plastic which can be recycled.

#7. Take Control of Your Quit Journey:

There’s no shame in quitting smoking gradually, and vaping makes it easier than ever to do just that. Maybe you’ve tried going cold turkey to find that it simply didn’t work for you, or perhaps you’ve cut down in the past, only to find that you end up smoking the same amount again. Switching to vaping means that you can use ‘dual use’ to help you swap one habit for another, gradually cutting down on the number of cigarettes you use until you no longer feel like you need them. Then, you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid, which allows you to cut down and wean yourself from the nicotine addiction on your own terms. Eventually, you can vape with no nicotine at all if you desire, or you might feel that you’re ready to give up the e-cigarette too.

These are just some of the best reasons to switch your cigarettes for a vape! If you found this information helpful, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


  • Lauryn R

    I have heard mixed reviews about e cigs, I don’t smoke however so I have no idea. I definitely think that they are probably healthier for you since they don’t have all of those nasty additives. As a non smoker, I appreciate not seeing cigarette butts thrown out windows or all over the ground. Also, they do no smell as horrifying.

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