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Savvy Ways to Be Smarter & Save Money with Fitness

We’re into everything savvy here. Fitness is no exception. If we’re going to have to sweat to work those pounds off or just to stay in shape, we’re gonna be smart about it.

You can go to a gym, take their first-day instructions and the standard workout plan that they give to all new members. Or, you can go it alone and just figure things out. You may prefer to exercise in isolation, but there’s accountability in having a workout buddy too. You could even check out sites like Thrivo to find discounts and deals on fitness related products!

Let’s get started.

Begin with Your Fitness Goals

Get clarity around what you want to achieve from your exercise routine. This will provide a greater sense of purpose to your activity and keep you on track. When you aren’t clear about why you’re going to exercise, motivation will wax and wane. Know your fitness ‘why.’

Be Your Own Trainer

You may not have the money to hire a personal fitness trainer. They’re paid by the hour and depending on their popularity, their rates might just keep going up. At the end of the day, they’re more of a ra-ra motivator as much as they help you with the right exercise posture and drawing up an appropriate fitness plan for you.

When you exercise, you usually know your limits. If you’ve had a previous problem with one of your thighs, then you’ve already learned ways to work around it to not reactivate the injury during a workout. That might mean avoiding using weights on that leg or exercises that require you to push off with both legs using considerable force. A trainer won’t know that.

Pick up some DVDs showing you how to exercise using different pieces of equipment in a home gym plus I personally love using a fitness tracker as it helps to motivate me. You can learn more here about the Fitbit Inspire which is a great fitness smartband to use. It is also important to pick the routines and moves that you’re comfortable adopting with your current level of fitness and develop a personalized routine that works for you. Remember to stretch sufficiently first and warm up before doing anything too strenuous. If you were interested in learning more about everything fitness, Fitness Edge have some great content. My friend said that they got some amnion acids and it’s helping her push those pounds.

Pair Up with a Friend

If you want to work out but find yourself skipping too many days, see if you can pair up with a friend. Having an accountability buddy for exercise makes it harder to pass on going to the gym or playing a game of tennis when you feel less than enthusiastic about the prospect. If you like the sociable side of fitness, then why don’t you and your friend go join a golfing club, you’d be surprised how much walking was actually involved that sport. Also it’s now been made that much easier to learn thanks to the different types of golf rangefinders, so why not give it a go? It’s something new at least.

It’s all too easy to skip the day because you’ve had back-to-back meetings. You’re going to have more total exercise days in the month when you’re paired up with a buddy unless you’re super disciplined. How many of us are like that? Let’s be honest here – not many!

Buy Refurbished Fitness Equipment

Fitting out a home gym with a selection of fitness equipment is expensive. We can tell ourselves that we’ll save money over time compared to the cost of a gym membership – very true – but that doesn’t make it any more affordable. You’re often left with having to pick between a treadmill and an elliptical, a dumbbell rack and weight bench or a rowing machine. If you are interested in getting a fitness machine you can always do research online to find the best equipment for you. For instance, if you are interested in a rowing machine there are many comparison sites where you can find a lot of information on what you need to look for when buying or renting this type of machine. You can learn about the benefits of using a rower, how to properly use the machine, and where to find the best one for you. Most of these sites are available in multiple languages such as Swedish, German and French – see rameur combien de temps for an example of the french advice site.

With Global Fitness, they have previously used, refurbished fitness equipment that is ideal for people on a budget who want to create a gym in a spare bedroom or the garage. The prices are reasonable enough that you no longer must choose between the gym equipment you can afford and the pieces you’d like. You’re free to design a home gym based on your preferences for what training equipment works best for you and not your wallet.

The company sells fitness equipment and selectively rents some out for short periods too. They have a list of their available equipment, so you can decide what you’d like to acquire. Be sure to see more here for the latest information about refurbished fitness gear they have just gotten in.

Personal Fitness Apps

Using a personal fitness app is helpful to keep track of your workouts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re currently walking regularly and haven’t moved up to jogging or going to the gym; there’s an app for every stage.

The PEAR Personal Fitness Coach is an interesting one. When exercising unguided, the app uses a hands-free approach providing a visual guide for different workout routines coupled with audio instruction. The developers understand that when you’re exercising, trying to tap the screen with a sweaty finger in just the right spot isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are free and paid tiers. There’s both an iOS and Android version too.

The ever-popular Map My Fitness from Under Armour (iOS and Android) is downloaded with 600 activities to get you moving. The app will interact with a variety of devices to share fitness data making it more useful. The app tracks running with a local map and positioning via GPS to track distance traveled. The calories burned is a little on the optimistic side (that’s especially true with their alternative Map My Walk app) but it still offers some useful data points. After your workout is complete, you can save it and compare it to what other people have recently done around the world.

The JEFIT app is free. It’s focused around strength development and bodybuilding. There are literally thousands of routines to try out to see what benefit you can get from them. The app looks great on a tablet which has a wider form factor to see the exercises more clearly. You can keep an exercise log, track your progress, time your lifting, and sync workout data to keep updated. For anyone interesting in developing their muscles and wishing on a six-pack, the JEFIT app is certainly one to download and fire up.

How motivated are you feeling about starting back on the road to exercise? When you have a goal in mind and you have a sense of how long it’ll take to achieve it, you can push towards it. Don’t be afraid to vary things up when you find yourself getting bored. There’s no reason to do the same exercises if you crave variety. Improvise to keep yourself seriously motivated.


  • vickie couturier

    wonderful tips and points,,im trying to start but walking is what im going to try first because its free

  • Lauryn R

    These are great tips! I think for a lot of people having a friend to do it with really helps keep you motivated. I am a stay at home mom with three kids so I don’t really have this option. However, I do find that if I stay on a schedule it becomes habit and now I love it! I always feel so much better after working out, and I definitely prefer to do it in the privacy of my own home.

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