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Responsibly Caught Seafood Delivered Straight To Your Doorstep @SitkaSalmonShares

Do you love wild caught, responsibly sourced seafood ? Well I do…especially since it is no secret that I am a true foodie at heart. I have been cooking and creating delicious dishes since I was 12 or 13 years old as my mom worked full time to support my sister and me and I would help out by having dinner ready for us to enjoy when she got home. One of my favorite things to make for my mom and my family… has always been delicious seafood as it is so good for you and a healthy choice to make when preparing any meal. Salmon has always been my absolute favorite fish.. so naturally working with Sitka Salmon Shares was an obvious choice for me but Sitka Salmon Shares is not just Salmon. It is responsibly sourced Seafood that includes delicious Salmon and more via monthly deliveries from their fishermen’s collective straight to your door.

Sitka Salmon Shares

A bit about how Sitka Salmon Shares works:

Sitka Salmon Shares is humbled and proud to be part of a growing movement for values-based seafood in the United States. This movement is fueled by the expansion of community supported fisheries (CSF), innovative direct-to-consumer seafood businesses, and of course their champions — like you & I! What unites fishermen, fishmongers, entrepreneurs, food systems leaders, and seafood consumers like ourselves in this movement is a passion to instill a new set of values into how seafood is sourced, caught, processed, sold, consumed and appreciated.

sitka salmon shares

Since Sitka Salmon Shares is a CSF, or Community Supported Fishery. Each member purchases a “share” of the harvest of one of their independent, small-boat family fishermen and enrolls at 3 to 9-month intervals. Then, CSF members receive a monthly home seafood delivery ranging from 4.5-5 pounds per month, as well as recipes, access to special sales, cooking classes, and more! It is pretty cool and perfect for anyone that does not have access to fresh seafood and even if you do… this is the perfect choice as you know here the seafood is coming from, that it is wild caught and responsibly sourced.

Sitka Salmon Shares Box

This month Sitka Salmon Shares sent me a delicious box of fish. I received Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon and Wild Alaskan Lingcod (both pictured below). I simply cooked these in parchment paper packets with a bit of olive oil, butter and spices and it came out amazingly delicious. I enjoyed the Salmon and my husband and daughter…enjoyed the Lingcod. I will be sharing a recipe next week…so be on the lookout!

Sitka Salmon

Sitka Lingcod

What Type Of Seafood Can You Expect To Receive With Sitka Salmon Shares:

*Wild Alaskan King Salmon

*Sockeye Salmon

*Coho Salmon

*Keta Salmon


*Black Bass

*Sablefish (Black Cod)

*Pacific Cod



*Spot Shrimp

*Dungeness Crab

*Albacore Tuna


This is an amazing selection of delicious seafood and what you will receive all depends on which is the shares you sign up for and also on the time of the year. There are four different share options to choose from: Premium Sitka Seafood Share, Sitka Seafood Share, Sitka Salmon Share and the Sitka Whitefish Share.

Sitka Lingcod up close

Sitka Salmon Shares Lingcod

My favorite of the 4 share options is the Sitka Seafood Share. Look below at all that I can expect from this share selection. It is amazing and I am super interested in the Halibut Burger…. and everything honestly in the mix. This one provides 9 deliveries from April to December and every month you will receive 4.5–5 pounds per box of fish a month and you can change to size of your share if you have a larger family which is awesome too.

Kin Salmon Fisherman

So what do you think if Sitka Salmon Shares? Do you love Salmon and other types of Seafood as much as I do? Well definitely check out Sitka Salmon Shares as their fish are wild caught in Alaska and the North Pacific by a group of equally wild (though extremely nice) fisherman. There are no antibiotics or dyes in any of the fish that Sitka Salmon Shares provides ~ just pristine fish from one of the most pristine places on the planet! Check them out today and on social media!

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