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5 Benefits of CBD Edibles for Busy Mums

As a busy mum, you’re always on the go. Not running out of energy or letting aches and pains slow you down is necessary to get everything done. Also, staying alert for your kids if they’re at home, to avoid their getting into trouble or injuring themselves by running around inside requires you to be constantly aware. It can be a tiring experience being a parent. Will CBD sold as an edible be useful to you? Maybe so. Here are 5 of the benefits of CBD edibles that are worth considering. You can also buy edibles online.  

1) Convenience 

CBD is not something that you’ll always remember to consume before heading off to work. Even if you now work from home, the rush to get on the computer and get busy may cause you to forget. So, it’s convenient to carry a bottle of edibles with you in your handbag. A CBD edible can require around 75 minutes to have any effect. It then has a half-life of approximately 6 to 8 hours, depending on the edible. So, if you’re wanting to time their consumption for part-way through the workday when you’re beginning to get tired, then edibles are convenient enough to permit that. 

2) Size 

Taking these Herbal Health CBD Gummies as an example, a CBD edible doesn’t need to be a huge energy-bar-like product. These gummy bears are a typical size that people are used to seeing in small packets or bottles. They’re colourful, easy to consume and take up little space. They fit neatly in a bedside drawer or a bag. You can learn more about them on australiantimes

3) Non-Intoxicating 

High-quality edibles do not contain THC, which is the ingredient to avoid. Instead, only contain an appropriate amount of CBD. What does this mean for you? It means that you can focus on taking care of the kids, running necessary errands, or being hugely productive at work. There’s no need to worry because effective edibles can potentially relieve issues; they don’t create more of them. You can enjoy cbd chocolate wholesale as well as infused coffees, hot chocolate and teas and enjoy them on the go.

4) Anxiety Control 

Keeping your stress down and avoiding anxiety triggers is important. As a mum who is always on the go with plenty to do, taking an edible can be calming. While the CBD inside them certainly is effective, they may also help to reduce perceived stress just from having taken it.  

When included as part of an established routine, they can take the place of other coping mechanisms like smoking. Because replacing a bad habit with a healthier one works better than ceasing a habit (and not replacing it), a switch to edible CBD is a healthier choice.  

5) Better Control of Dosage Levels 

While the oils have their place, edibles are much easier to control the amount consumed and the CBD received. Sometimes you don’t want to take a pull of a vaporizer to partake in CBD, so CBD edibles are a great alternative. For mums who lose track of what they’ve taken and when they’ve taken it, “one gummy bear per day” is a simple edict to follow. It’s one less complication in an otherwise hectic lifestyle.  

For mums who have more things to do than time to do it in, it can be stressful. CBD as an edible is far more convenient than other options for convenience and discretion. 


  • megan allen

    I am a mom of four that has suffered with anxiety my entire life. CBD helps me alot! I’ve never had the edibles though. I must try them! Lol

    • Denise Revoy

      I have tried tea and gummies I am not sure on dosage I didn’t find much effect dossage was probably too low

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