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My Savvy Review Of Wubble Rumblers ~ Blow ‘Em Up & Battle!

I am super excited to share a product with you guys that the whole family with love, especially the kiddos and they are Wubble Rumblers! Seriously… Wubble Rumblers are a blast for the entire family as you can literally blow them up and then battle with them! I cannot wait for the warmer months too as these will be perfect for playing outdoors as well but for now we have enjoyed them in our den area as the kids can have a blast… and that of course includes the ‘Big’ kids too.

Wubble Rumblers are super cool because you can Whack ’em! Smack ’em! Bop ’em! and Chop ’em! With these bad boys you can literally battle it out with friends and family as this is the ultimate accessory for play fighting! Where were these when I was a kid? I would have loved these for sure and there are different characters to collect and battle it out with. I got the Wubble Rumblers Inflatable Ninja, the Wubble Rumblers Wrestler as well as the Wubble Rumblers Inflatable Karate Chop Hand! I also had to pick up 2 other fun products from Wubble for my little Scarlet as she saw them and had to have them…. the Fuzzy Wubble Shadow the Shark Jiggler as well as one of their adorable Fuzzy Wubbles Jiggler Unicorn which I have to admit I would have collected as a young girl as they are that cool.

Now let’s take a look at the items I got from Wubble and why we are loving them!

Wubble Rumblers Wrestler

The Wubble Rumblers Wrestler is made for good old rough and tumble fun for sure! You can use him to literally battle it out with friends with this ultimate accessory for play fighting and he inflates to a gigantic three feet tall which is super fun for the kiddos! The way the Wubble Rumblers are designed is pretty cool too as they are designed to be squishy, squashy, super soft and 400 times more elastic than a typical inflatable which is pretty cool and this is all from the makers of the Super Wubble Bubble Ball!  So go ahead and get your rumble on and enjoy hours of big bopping fun. These are pretty Coll too as they come with a hand pump and inflate in minutes! Recommended for ages 6+ but I do play with my little Scarlet under adult supervision as she has to be a part.

Wubble Rumblers Ninja

All the features of the Wrestler but instead you have a fun Wubble Rumbler Ninja to play fight with! You can make him leap, jump and perform acrobatic feats as you battle it out with friends. This martial arts master is squishy, squashy and super soft plus as all Wubble Rumblers… it is 400 times more elastic than a typical inflatable! Enjoy hours of big bopping fun as you get your rumble on!

Wubble Rumblers Karate Chop

The Wubble Rumblers Karate Chop is a must have accessory for the Wubble Rumbler Ninja & Wrestlers! Tis is hands down the most fun for real and the ultimate accessory for play fighting. These Wubble Rumblers are made for good old rough and tumble fun and it inflates to a gigantic three feet tall! I love that you can slip this on and give out wacky high fives, silly handshakes and kooky karate chops or you can simply karate chop the crap out of your Wubble Rumblers Ninja & Wrestler. As with the Wubble Rumblers mentioned above, this Karate Chop hand is squishy, soft and 400 times more elastic than typical inflatables! No matter who ends up the winner…. you will for sure enjoy hours of big bopping fun.

Fuzzy Wubble Shadow the Shark

The Fuzzy Wubble Shadow The Shark  is super adorable and my little Scarlet’s favorite. Fuzzy Wubbles are fuzzy stuffed animals with a wubble inside. They are amazingly cute stuffed animals on the outside and they are the softest squishiest most huggable loveable stuffed animals ever! I will be definitely picking up more of these for her as she takes it with her everywhere!

Fuzzy Wubble Jiggler Unicorn

The Fuzzy Wubble Jiggler Unicorn is super adorable and just like the Show the Shark above! This one is everything and why little Scarlet has them both on her bed. She is just like me… half tom boy and half girly girl!

So what do you think of these fabulous Wubble Rumblers, & Fuzzy Wubbles? Are you looking for fun toys and games to get the kiddos active and playing together rather than hanging out on the tech? Well check these out as they are fun for the whole family… the kids and the adults too! Check out Wubble Rumblers online and on social media today!


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