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My Savvy Review of FossilEra ~ The Trusted Source for High Quality Fossils

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I am a lover of science and history and in turn have always enjoyed collecting fossils, stones, minerals and crystals. My grandparents were avid collectors of fossils, minerals and crystals and they had the most amazing collection of them all displayed in glass curio cases. The entirety of their collections were just so beautiful and impressive to look at and observe and I seriously had so much fun looking at them and studying them as a kid. Because of my grandparents love of fossils and crystals, I found myself with the same love and passion which is why I wanted to have a collection of my own to share with my kids and ultimately one day with my grandkids. This is why I jumped at the chance to work with FossilEra. FossilEra is your one stop shop for the serious collector down to the novice collector like myself as they carry a massive collection of fossils, minerals and crystals and are always adding to their online site. They are the trusted source for high quality fossils, collectable minerals and stunning crystals….. so if you are are a passionate high end collector or a novice collector like myself…FossilEra is the perfect choice for you. They also make the perfect unique gift for that special someone on your gift giving list.


I ordered a few pieces from FossilEra and am so excited to share them with you. My kids are loving them too and each piece came with an educational card that lets you know what timeframe the fossil is from, the species, age and location of where the fossil was found. It is so cool and the best part is that your kids can look, touch and feel the fossils and shark teeth all while researching and learning about the various varieties of sharks and more. Let’s take a look at the pieces I picked out and that I am adding to my collection…..


The first piece I am sharing is one of my favorites… well heck I do love them all but this bad boy is impressive. This is a Fossil Megalodon Tooth. The Megalodon (“Big Tooth”) shark was possibly the most fearsome ocean predator in earths history reaching lengths of 50+ feet in length. This mega-shark lived approximately 15.9 to 2.6 million years ago and FossilEra offers a wide selection of fossil Megalodon teeth for sale from around the world in all sizes and qualities. They do not sell reproductions or casts and guarantee the authenticity of all of the fossils that they sell which I something I love.


The species is Carcharocles Megalodon and this fossil came from South Carolina. When I was a kid… I would dig up shark teeth like this in my yard outside of Charleston, SC and man do I wish I had known how valuable they would be as I would have kept them and cherished them! They were just literally everywhere and I find that so fascinating.

Snaggletooth Shark Tooth

I also received another type of shark tooth fossil… for the Snaggletooth Shark. This one is my husbands favorite and is from the Hemipristis Serra species and is from the Pliocene-Miocene time frame. This particular specimen came from Lee Creek Mine, Aurora NC. This little guys makes the perfect addition to my shark tooth fossil collection and looks like a dwarf compared to the Megalodon pictured above.


Now the next item I received and that I absolutely adore…. is the Fossil Ammonite. This is a pair and they are soooo cool. The species if the Phylloceras species and it is from the Cretaceous – Albian Stage from 110 million years ago. This particular pair are from Madagascar which is pretty cool and beautiful to look at.

FossilEra Fossil Ammonite

Ammonites were predatory mollusks that resembled a squid with a shell. These cephalopods had eyes, tentacles, and spiral shells. They are more closely related to a living octopus, though the shells resemble that of a nautilus. True ammonites appeared in the fossil record about 240 million years ago. The last lineages disappeared 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous.

sand dollar fossil

Another beautiful fossil I picked up from FossilEra is the Fossil Sand Dollar which is beautiful. This is from the Middle Jurassic timeframe and this one is from Madagascar as well which I find super cool and its the perfect addition to my fossil collection.


So what do you think of the pieces I received from FossilEra? If you are a fossil lover… you will find amazing fossil specimens at their site. They have premium grade fossils for sale for the big collectors as well as savvier priced fossils like the ones I collected. You can find Cut & Polished Ammonite Fossils, Tyrannosaur Teeth, Fossil Fish, Petrified Wood, spiny Drotops armatus trilobite, pieces of Amber, and so much more more plus they are always adding to their collection online on the site so you can seriously find something new each day. I also grabbed a worry stone made of Petrified Wood which I love!


So what do you think of FossilEra? Are you like me and a lover of all things history and science? Wether you are a passionate collector looking to add to your collection or a unique gift idea for that someone special on your gift giving list… FossilEra has you covered. FossilEra does not stop at Shark Teeth. If you are a fossil lover… you will find amazing fossil specimens at their site. You can find Cut & Polished Ammonite Fossils, Tyrannosaur Teeth, Fossil Fish, Petrified Wood, spiny Drotops armatus trilobite, pieces of Amber, and more. Check out FossilEra today and get your own Fossil collection started or add to your current one!

Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review post and all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


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