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Five Ways to Decorate Your Son’s Bedroom

Now that computer games and the internet rule the world, your son is likely to spend a significant portion of their life in this room. It is therefore essential to decorate it to their tastes. The safest approach is to let your son lead the design, but if you decide to control the design yourself, here are some ideas:

The functional bedroom

Most kids somehow end up collecting junk. Whether it is old clothes they have grown out of, broken toys or old school projects. While emotional attachment can make it hard to throw things away, a good cleanout is critical before re-decorating the room. 

You are very likely to be still left with an extensive collection of goods that need storing. So, make sure you design the room to give all their possessions a unique home. This can be achieved with cupboards, shelves, and elevated beds. For boys who spend more time than is good for them playing computer games, make sure they have a proper ergonomic set-up. While gaming chairs look cool, they also serve a practical purpose – they ensure good posture for the long hours spent playing. For those who are more into desktop-based activities, an adjustable height desk is excellent for standing use.

The footy mad room

The traditional boy’s bedroom in the UK features at least some football memorabilia. Whether it’s your favourite teams signed shirt, some big heads, or some Football Stadium Art , it will be clear when you walk in who they support. Paint the walls in the team colours and your home team shrine is almost complete. Just make sure you remember the essentials – bed, wardrobe, and drawers.


If you are lucky enough that your son doesn’t care for material objects, you may be in for a straightforward life. Although quite rare, a minimalist room without any clutter can be a great place to work, study and game.


Let’s face it; most of us cannot afford a private interior designer to refurbish our son’s room with brand new furniture. That does not mean you cannot afford to create a modern, stylish room on a budget. Furniture bargains can easily be had whether from Ikea’s bargain corner, or a from a search of the Facebook marketplace. There is often very little need to buy brand new furniture.


Let your son go wild. Give him a $1,000 and see how he spends it. While some will create the ultimate games room with pool table, darts, punch bag etc. Others may simply buy a lifetimes supply of Haribo. 

Final thoughts

However your son decides to decorate their room, it needs to be a space they can feel safe, relaxed and comfortable in. While you can design the childhood room of your dreams, remember it is for them.  A picture of Old Trafford maybe your idea of a dream wall decoration, but if your son’s a gunner, he’ll be living in perpetual torment.