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The Many Reasons I Am Feeding My Pooch A Raw Food Diet & Why You Should Too #RAWgust @trudoglife

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love my furry family members just as if they were family… and that is because they are family. This means that I always want to feed my furry family members as well as I feed my husband and kids & is the reason I did my research and fell in love with all of the benefits that feeding your pets a raw food diet provides. The benefits of feeding your pet a raw food diet are…. it’s naturally digestible, provides healthy skin and coats, reduces doggy odor, there is less poop to scoop, reduction in allergies, promotes a healthy immune system, increases energy, enhances your pet’s hydration, cleans teeth naturally and promotes a healthy weight and provides easy weight management for your furry family members. The benefits are bountiful and for these reasons… I decided to make the change and started feeding Chewy the Chihuahua a raw food diet and my source for his raw food needs is TruDog.


Let me start by telling you a bit about TruDog and why they are my go-to source for my dog’s raw food diet needs. TruDog are the makers of Premium Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food, Toppers, Treats & Chews, Supplements & Dental Care. If you head to their site, you can read endless customer reviews on the amazing results that these pet lovers have experienced by feeding their pooches a raw food diet with the products available via TruDog. I absolutely love that their products are sourced and made here in the USA, and I especially love what their products have in them as well as what they do not have. You can order their foods online anytime that you are in need and/or you can subscribe to have your order automatically sent to you each month and this way you will save 5% off your order each time which is pretty savvy. Check out this customer review[ML1] …

Now you may be wondering…. why switch my pet’s diet to a Raw Food Diet from TruDog? As you can see, the results and differences of a raw food diet versus kibble or dog food purchased in the store are vast. Feeding dogs raw food in the simplest form without sacrificing nutrition is TruDog’s sole purpose and the results that customers notice are what speak volumes about the importance of feeding your dog a raw food diet from TruDog. When you decide to switch to a raw food diet for you pooch… you will see amazing results in as little as two days. They only use USDA certified beef, high quality, humanely sourced chicken, turkey, and duck as well as sustainably produced fish in their products and all of their products are made in FDA registered and inspected facilities. The end result is a raw food diet that promotes and supports healthy gums and teeth, helps to maintain healthy digestion, helps to maintain a healthy weight, supports a strong immune system and supports your pet’s overall health and wellness.

TruDog Boost Me

Now when I decided to try out a raw food diet with my pooch Chewy… I gave TruDog’s Fortify Me Freeze-Dried Omega Topper as well as their Boost Me Freeze Dried Raw Toppers a try as they were the perfect way for me to introduce a raw food diet to Chewy. You simply top your pooch’s current food with either product to give it a nutritional boost and all without the commitment of going 100% raw to start. They’re both a great way to give the raw food diet a go as it allows you to improve the nutritional value of your pet’s current food by supplementing it with either one of these fabulous toppers and I prefer the Boost Me variety as there are several flavor options to suit your pooch’s taste.

TruDog Feed Me

Once I knew that Chewy was loving the Fortify Me & Boost Me Toppers and I was seeing the results that the added nutrition provided… I was ready to go 100% raw for him. I stopped purchasing his current crunchy kibble food and I grabbed a few bags of TruDog’s Feed Me Crunchy Munchy Beef Bonanza to start as beef seems to be his favorite protein. Let me tell you…. he loves it! It’s a delicious and nutritious premium raw superfood in freeze-dried form and it is crafted from simple, nutrient rich ingredients making it the ideal raw food diet for Chewy. Keep in mind that these are not freeze-dried cubes as you may have seen with other freeze-dried dog food brands, but rather freeze dried pieces of beef that look and smell like real beef because it’s made from 100% real food. That is why I love their Feed Me Crunchy Munchy Beef Bonanza as it is made from quality cuts of beef meat, organs and a little herring oil added to aid in digestion. This is very different than the foods you can purchase in store… as most commercial dog foods are processed at high heat, which cooks out the essential nutrients and goodness that your dog needs. TruDog’s Feed Me is freeze-dried which means all of the original nutrients are locked in so that you pooch will benefit from those nutrients in big ways and Feed Me is available in many flavors… Beef, Turkey, Truducken, & Whitefish.

TruDog Rawgo

Another item I am loving for Chewy is TruDog’s Rawgo. I just ordered TruDog’s Rawgo in their Beef & Carrots variety and I cannot wait for him to try this one. Rawgo™ is the new standard in premium species-appropriate raw dog food and it uses only gently air-dried raw premium cuts of meat, fruits, and vegetables to retain nature’s wholesome nutrients. Rawgo™ also provides the meaty aroma and taste your dog loves as a dry or rehydrated complete meal and that is how I will be serving it to Chewy as he is older and the softer rehydrated meal will be the perfect choice for him. This is TruDog’s affordable raw dog food option and they researched high and low to create this one… and all without sacrificing quality PLUS this 2.2 pound bag of Rawgo makes up to 6 pounds of food when rehydrated! Rawgo is the first dehydrated raw dog food option that lives up to TruDog’s standards as there are no GMO’s, by-products, high-heat processing and as with all TruDog products…. it’s formulated by holistic veterinarians and canine nutritionists.

TruDog Rawgo

If you are looking for the perfect treats for your pooch… TruDog has you covered there too. They have treats that are made with only one ingredient… Treat Me Diced Salmon TreatsTreat Me Beef LiverTreat Me Turkey TreatsTreat Me Chicken HeartsTreat Me Chilean Blue Sea Mussels, and there is absolutely NO wheat, corn, grains, sugar, fillers, chemicals or by-products, refined carbohydrates, or added salts.


You can also grab their TruDog’s Chew Me treats that are available in a wide array of varieties and flavors. You can grab Chew Me Chicken Breast Jerky TreatsChew Me Bully Sticks which I am for sure picking up… and Chew Me Lamb Green TripeChew Me Beef Gullet SticksChew Me Beef Bladder Sticks and more. The Chew Me Chicken Breast Jerky Treats are larger and higher-quality chicken breast filet slices unlike anything else on the market and as with all TruDog products… I am especially loving everything that TruDog leaves out! They are Wheat FREE, Soy FREE, Artificial Flavor FREE, Gluten FREE, NO added sugars, Artificial coloring FREE, Corn FREE, Grain FREE, No added Antibiotics, NO Added Salt, & No Added Hormones plus as with all TruDog products… they are made and sourced in the USA!


So, what do you think of TruDog and their products that are created and sourced right here in the USA and that are perfect for helping pet owners to ensure their pets eat a delicious and nutritious raw food diet?! Are you like me and looking for the best in raw food options for your furry family members? Definitely check out TruDog as the nutritional content of their products is of the utmost importance to them and that is the reason that they freeze dry or gently dehydrate their foods, toppers, and treats… to lock in all of those nutrients and benefits that your pooch needs. They contain no grains, no fillers, no by-products, no added or artificial anything…. just REAL, RAW nutrition. Check them out today online and on social media and give their raw diet foods a try today!

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    • mcushing7

      Definitely give it a go… start with the topper and then you can go completely raw if you like the results. I am loving them and have gone to a complete Raw Diet for my Chewy.

  • rhianwestbury

    I don’t have a dog myself, but with pets its always about doing what is going to be best for their health and wellbeing x

  • Rosey

    I didn’t know there were canine nutritionists! Of course you’d want them involved in the food choices you give your pet though. That makes good sense.

  • jupiterhadley

    I didn’t know there was this many benefits! I never put too much thought into dog food, but clearly should have.

  • Jasmine Martin

    I never thought about feeding my dog a raw food diet. I may have to try this soon myself for my dog.

  • The Super Mom Life

    Interesting! I hadn’t considered raw until I read this. I’ll have to see how my dog does with that.

    • mcushing7

      It is such a good thing and my vet raves about it which is why I gave it a go. You can start with TruDogs Boost Me which is a topper for their traditional dry or wet food. Once they give it a try… you will find you will want to incorporate more into their diet as it does such amazing things. I am getting ready to buy the food next and will go 100% raw once I do.

  • proseccobefore7

    Something that we noticed with my parent’s dogs is how shiny their fur got when they had raw food instead of the pebbles. They seem all an all happier than before, more active and alert. It does make a difference.

    • mcushing7

      Yes! The changes to their coat is amzing right?! Love that…. and the smaller and less stinky poops always are much appreciated 😉

    • mcushing7

      The perfect way to start is with Boost Me. I put it on top of my pooches dry food and he fell in love with it that way. Give it a try!


    I have heard so many great things. I do a partial diet for my dog, and supplement with a high quality food.

  • Net

    I love how passionate you are with your dog’s health and being mindful of the food they eat. I have a golden retriever and I’ve been researching too about raw food diet. Your post is very helpful.

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