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I love posting about my pets as they are furry members of my family and not only are my kids obsessed with our cat and dog… but my husband and I are too. For this reason I am always looking for the best foods and nutritional supplements to give to my furry family members as I truly want them to love their longest and best lives. This is why I had to share Dinovite® with everyone that I know as I am loving their line of products designed for not only dogs, but also cats and horses. I honestly was interested in Dinovite for my cat Shadow as I have been looking for the perfect supplement for him as he is getting older and I want to find the perfect food and/or supplement so that he can live his longest and healthiest life. He is my furry companion and he is super special.

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He is a cutie right? Look at that face… that is why I need him to live his best and longest life as I cannot imagine a life without him in it. He talks to me every morning… seriously to make sure I fill up that food bowl as well as refresh his water bowl with a few ice cubes… and now I make sure to add Dinovite for Cats to his current food. You can check out this video which shows how to use Dinovite for Cats and this new formula is everything!

So as you can see there is a process to using Dinovite for the first time. You want to introduce it a bit at a time. The video above explains this perfectly and basically….you simply put the Dinovite in the bottom of the bowl and then drizzle the Dinovite with LickOchops® and then add your pets serving of dry or wet food on top. You can mix it in if you choose or leave as instructed above… just depends on what your cat likes.

STEP 1: Add 1 scoop of Dinovite

STEP 2: Drizzle with LickOchops®

STEP 3: Add Wet or Dry Food and Serve!


Now… the reasons that you will want to use Dinovite for your pets food are endless as there are lots of health and wellness benefits. I am loving Dinovite for my cat Shadow as it the perfect addition to his crunchy hard food. Dinovite provides daily whole food supplements that support gut health, skin and coat and overall wellness which is everything to me. There is even taurine added for an extra bonus! Taurine is an essential amino acid in the cat and it’s exclusively found in animal-based proteins and it is critical for normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function, to maintain normal pregnancy and fetal development, and to maintain a healthy immune system. I simply add this to Shadows food each day and the benefits are built right in.

Dinovite for Cats

Dinovite® works great with any high quality meaty cat food-wet, dry or homemade. Their combination of amino acids, fatty acids, zinc, vitamins, direct fed microbials, enzymes and delicate nutrients can help support your cat’s immune system and body function and there are endless reviews that speak highly of the results that Dinovite can provide to your furry family member and especially for your feline.


Now what makes Dinovite so amazing is everything that is packed in that Dinovite box. Dinovite for cats is a mix of Taurine, Vitamin E, Dried Kelp, Zinc Methionine Complex, Yeast Culture, Alfalfa Nutrient Concentrate, Chicken Liver & Fish Meal, Prebiotics & Probiotics and more. The benefits of each fo these ingredients are listed below…

*Taurine: An essential amino acid for cats.

*Vitamin E: Antioxidant and required nutrient for skin and coat health.

*Dried Kelp: Natural source of iodine and a multitude of required minerals.

*Zinc Methionine Complex: Highly absorbable zinc needed for healthy skin, coat & immune health.

*Yeast Culture: Active nutritional yeast supports digestive function and contains a whole host of B vitamins.

*Alfalfa Nutrient Concentrate: Superfood for your cat!

*Chicken Liver & Fish Meal: Anti-Inflammatory nutrient that reduces waste odor.

*Prebiotics and Probiotic: 10 strains of active microbials that support digestion and immune health.

Dinovite for Cats

Dinovite for Cats provides your cat a 90 day supply of nutritional supplements and it is a new and improved formula made right here is the USA. It is recommended to purchase Lickochops or Supromega fish oil along with your Dinovite for Cats and they offer both at a discount with your purchase of Dinovite. I prefer the Lickochops as it’s the perfect addition to the Dinovite for Cats supplement and it provides additional omega fatty acids that support your cat’s body function.


Your cat will enjoy the benefits listed below and so much more when using Dinovite for Cats and Lickochops:

Supports pet digestion and immune health with our Prebiotic & Probiotic Complex.

Helps support good skin and shiny coat.

Helps promote a healthy immune system.

Proudly Made in Kentucky with USA ingredients.

So what do you think of Dinovite for Cats? Do you have a furry feline that can use the nutritional boost that Dinovite for Cats can provide? Not a cat lover… well your pooch can benefit from Dinovite for Dogs and even Horse lovers can boost their horses nutrition with Dinovite for Horses! Check out everything that Dinovite provides for Dogs, Cats & Horses today from Dinovite to treats and more! Check out Dinovite online and on social media today to see what others think about this amazing line of nutritional products for your furry pets.

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