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Get an Organic Boost with this Energy Shot

It has been a long day, and you just want to go home and relax. You look at the clock and realize that there are still a couple more hours to go before you can leave. With the way you are feeling, hitting the gym also seems like a chore.

Many people who experience these feelings have started using quick fixes of energy in the form of an energy drink. Though this method is an effective one to get you up on your feet, there are some things that you should know before you start using energy shots with increasing frequency. 

What is an Energy Shot

 An energy shot is a version of an energy drink that contains stimulant caffeine within a small liquid dose. The concentrated caffeine dosage is thus a ‘quick fix’ to lethargy, boosting your body towards feeling a greater burst of energy. 

Energy shots are generally made up of herbs such as inositol, taurine, carnitine, maltodextrin, and glucuronolactone, along with caffeine, various vitamins, and minerals. Some energy shots contain sugar, while ‘diet’ energy shots make the use of artificial sweeteners. 

The Energy Shot Boost: How it Works

As you have seen, an energy shot contains a wide array of ingredients that are designed to help give your body the best chance at an organic boost in levels. With an energy shot, users have reported feeling an energy boost within ten minutes of consumption. 

The energy boost is felt when the caffeine within an energy shot enters the bloodstream and then subsequently increases the heart rate and the blood pressure of a person. After this point, it takes the average body up to six whole hours to return it to its normal state. 

The Need for Energy Shots

As their name suggests many people consume energy shots with the hope that it gives them an organic burst of energy that would help them get through the day. Here is a quick round-up of some of the main reasons why people consume energy shots.• Increased Alertness: whether it is morning, noon, or even night, your intake of an energy shot can help you feel more alert and hyper aware of your circumstances due to the concentrated dose of caffeine in the drink.• For More Effective Work: it is obvious that lethargy is not an effective worker, thus many people believe that energy shots are the answer to boosting energy. • Post Exercise boost: many people who spend time doing physical activities such as hitting the gym or a walking track often feel drained after the duration of their workout. An organic boost of an energy shot can help them power through the rest of their day without any trouble.

Be Wary of Energy Shots

Though energy shots often seem like the answer to everything, it is important to remember that increased dependence on them can be harmful to the body as well as the mind. Some negative side effects that come with increased dependence on energy shots include dental problems, sleeplessness, and even digestion issues. Moreover, frequent intake of concentrated caffeine can cause heart troubles due to the prolonged increase in blood pressure and heart rates. 

Some people also report increased anxiety and depressive levels after excessive energy shot use. 


As more people opt for energy shots to help them get through the day, make sure that yours is an organic one. Choosing an all-natural energy shot is a healthier option that also prevents you from ‘crashing’ soon after. 

Though energy drinks are fun to consume and effectively give you a boost in energy levels, it is important to remember not to use them as a substitute for core body needs such as a healthy sleep cycle, nutritious food intake, and adequate water consumption.

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