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My Savvy Review Of Allurtica ~ Natural Seasonal Support For Allergy Sufferers! @utzynaturals

My Savvy Review Of Allurtica ~ Natural Seasonal Support For Allergy Sufferers! @utzynaturals

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This is for sure, the time of year when my allergies are at their worst and the same is true for many people that I know. Here in the Northeast we had a bit of a late start to the pollen season which was a blessing while it lasted but now everything is in bloom, growing and well…. I am feeling the effects. The real problem is that I really do not like taking the medications that they have in your local drug store because they make me feel drowsy and tired plus they contain many ingredients that I would rather not take on a regular basis. That is why when I had the chance to try a seasonal support product called Allurtica from Utzy Naturals… I jumped at the chance. I love that it is not only an all natural product that provides seasonal support for allergy sufferers but that it is also a non-drowsy formula which is a big deal for me. When using Allurtica there are no negative side effects, only relief from allergies.

Let me tell you a bit about Allurtica and why I love it. First, Allurtica’s natural formula offers effective seasonal support when pollen and other environmental allergens get in my way. This powerful combination actively promotes healthy sinus passages for anyone with elevated histamine levels and respiratory irritation which has been a huge issue for me. Let me tell you that Allurtica has done wonders for me as my nose is not as stuffy and I can breathe freely. I also love that they passionately believe that natural medicines are the future because they are non-toxic and not addictive. I think it is an amazing thing to be able to use a product that only contains natural ingredients. It is simple but works and works effectively. I am so glad that I have made the switch to Allurtica because I love that it supports the normal function of my immune system, rather than masks my symptoms. I feel better than ever, each and every day, and I would personally recommend to my family and friends if they too suffer from seasonal allergies.

This is all natural at its finest! I love that Allurtica only contains 6 natural ingredients.  There is Stinging Nettle which supports non habit-forming sinus and respiratory health, a unique blend of Quercetin that is a natural antihistamine, enhanced with Rutin to increase bio-availability, Rosemary Leaf helps to clear the normal presence of mucus from the lungs, and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine provides an important amino acid that forms glutathione, which is a powerful healing antioxidant. Plus Allurtica is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee so if you do not have the same results that I did, you can return and get a full refund. I always love a company that stands behind their products.

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I also want to talk about Utzy Naturals, the company that makes Allurtica. With Utzy Naturals you are assured a quality product no matter which product of theirs you try. All Utzy supplements go through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the highest industry standards and that means a lot to me when it comes to me and my family. Plus I love that Utzy uses only the finest ingredients,  has been manufacturing supplements for over 25 years, and that they only manufactures their products in NSF registered facilities. 

So what do you think of Allurtica from Utzy Naturals? Make sure you visit their website and see all of the amazing products and supplements that they provide. You can rest assured that you are getting the best supplements available and remember….. with Utzy Naturals you can Supplement with Confidence!


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  • Linda Linneman

    I have really suffered with allergies the last few years. I will be trying this product out for myself soon. Thank you so much for sharing this

  • Linda Linneman

    Over the last few years I have really suffered from allergies. I would love to have a great product like this that would help me. Thank you so much for sharing

  • June S.

    (My Savvy Review Of Allurtica ~ Natural Seasonal Support For Allergy Sufferers! @utzynaturals) I really need to try out this product. My allergies have been just horrible this spring and summer so far. I also have a sinus infection going on right now too that i had to go to the doctor visit to get some relief. This product sounds just right for me.

  • Mary M.

    I am allergic to everything. So, I had to check out the ingredients to see if I could use this. Happily, I can. I’m allergic to 100 of 101 environmental, 10 foods, and 39 drugs at last check. If anything can help, it would be fantastic. I try new things all the time in the hopes of helping. This looks promising.

  • MD Kennedy

    I am so suffering right now: eyes itchy and bloated, skin itchy, nose stuffy. I should give these a try!

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