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With the New Year in full swing I have been working hard to stick to my New Years resolutions. My New Years resolution for 2021 were kind of broad but much needed as it is all about eating and living cleaner to live my best life. This includes eating organic as well as sustainably caught and produced proteins and fish PLUS it is all about using natural remedies for my various ailments. For years I have been doing my research on natural remedies which is the reason I have been obsessed with the benefits of CBD for quite sometime. I did check out how Hemp oil vs CBD be the benefits of CBD are bountiful and below I will be sharing the many health and wellness benefits that this natural product provides as well as my ‘go-to’ online store for all of my families CBD needs.

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CBD has exploded onto the scene and it has revolutionized the way people look at their health and wellness due to its many natural benefits. CBD is proven to help in so many areas including….

1) Chronic Pain Relief

CBD Oil products are the perfect option for anyone that suffers from chronic pain. Those suffering from chronic pain caused by diseases like fibromyalgia are finding relief with CBD. Taking CBD oil can offer pain relief and can also prevent nervous system degeneration. Buying CBD oils from Direct CBD Online, for example, provides easier access for people who cannot make it to a medical dispensary due to the pains they may be suffering. They carry over 5,000 products from over 150 different brands, making their your one-stop-shop for all things CBD. They carry the industry’s top brands including Martha Stewart CBD, Social CBD, Charlotte’s Web, Mary’s Nutritionals, and even Honest Paws for your furry friends.

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2) Reduces Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a huge problem today and is a major contributor to the many non-infectious diseases including heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease, and more, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. My husband suffers from chronic pain and issues with inflammation which is why I started looking into the benefits fo CBD over two years ago. CBD Oils & CBD Topicals have helped him tremendously and he is a CBD user for life now as the years of construction have taken their toll on his body and CBD has helped. CBD has been a Godsend and has alleviated many of his pain and inflammation issues in conjunction with a healthy diet as that also helps. It is very true that lifestyle and diet play a huge part in chronic inflammation but when folks are already eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet and living a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of sleep and exercise, then CBD oil can help. Research also shows that CBD oil can reduce chronic inflammation that leads to disease.

3)Alleviates Depression & Anxiety

CBD is also shown to help people affected with anxiety and also depression. I much prefer taking CBD to help alleviate these issues rather than taking prescription drugs as CBD oil has been shown to reduce depression by enhancing both the serotonergic & glutamate cortical signaling, both of which are lacking in those that suffer from depression.

4) Promotes Healthy Weight

CBD can heal you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and it also stimulates genes and proteins that help to break down fat all while increasing the mitochondria that helps to assist the body in burning calories. CBD is also known to encourage the body to convert white fat into brown fat. White fat is the kind of fat we typically think of when we think about body fat in general and Brown fat is fat that is found in small deposits and behaves differently than white fat. Brown fat is said to improve health by enhancing the bodies ability to burn white fat, create heat, and even regulate blood sugar. This is huge for me and the reason that I take CBD gummies everyday as they are my favorite way to take my daily CBD dose.

5) Improves Skin Conditions

CBD oil is available in tons of different beauty and skin care products now making CBD the perfect way to treat any skin issues. Studies show that CBD oil is fabulous at treating skin conditions like eczema as the Cannabidiol encourages abnormal cell death all while healing to regulate the skin’s oil production. This is why it works so well as helping to reduce acne issues for those that suffer from it and CBD also contains nourishing nutrients like Vitamin E that help to improve and protect the skin as well. It also helps with the inflammation that many of these skin issues can cause.

6) Fights Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria

Something that I recently learned about cannabinoids (including CBD) is the it has the ability to destroy bacteria, especially drug-resistant strains. Researchers are still learning more on this but according to researchers, the combination of CBD plus antibiotics may be the love treatments of infections with antibiotic resistant bacteria.

7) Fights Cancer

CBD has been shown to offer therapeutic benefits for the treatment of cancer and this has been shown in vitro (pretor dish) and in vivo (within living organisms) and both are looking very promising. Research is still ongoing for this but CBD seems that it can slow the growth and spread of some kinds of cancer in animals. CBD has been recognized as a potential anti-cancer treatment that hinders the spread of cancerous cells as it possesses anti-tumorigenic and anti-proliferative properties which interfere with the growth and proliferation of tumors, the migration of cancer cells, or their adhesion to organs or tissue. This is simply amazing and I have read and researched about people that were diagnosed, went through treatments, are now cancer free and taking CBD oil to prevent any reoccurrence and they swear by it.

Direct CBD Online

So what are your thoughts after reading all of the many benefits that CBD oil provides? The benefits fo CBD do not stop there… I just cannot list them all here for you today. You can simply google CBD and its health and wellness benefits and the results are endless. You can take CBD and ingest it into the body, you can use topicals and pain creams that provide relief too. There are skin care products, beauty products, hair care products, energy drinks and products for you furry family members as well. My husband and I take CBD via Gummies every day and we even use CBD pet products for our little Chihuahua Chewey,  as he has issues with separation anxiety and CBD helps him to relax whenever it is needed. Definitely a product that many can use so check out Direct CBD Online today for all of your CBD needs.

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Check out Direct CBD Online as they are my Go-To online CBD shop and carry many of the brand s that I usually use ,trust and love. Check them out today and on social media!

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  • crisshex88

    The CBD component in cosmetics and wellness is proving to be really excellent and functional. I am learning about and using these products for the great results they give.


    It’s great that these products can have so many health benefits. I know someone that’s just be told they have cancer so will send this for them to read x

    • mcushing7

      Did you mean THC? Just wanted to point out… these are not benefits of THC but rather CBD and CBD is not like THC in any way shape or form. You do not ‘get high’ from CBD as it is derived from the hemp. It simply provides amazing natural ways to improve so many ailments that many people suffer from…….. pain, anxiety, & skin issues…. just to name a few.

  • Sondra

    I know a few people who use CBD oil for chronic pain and I have hear nothing but good reviews. Thanks for sharing this information and hopefully it can help someone going through any sort of pain.

  • Eloise

    my parents use CBD for their sore muscles, they have been for a while now! I’m thinking of trying it for my monthly migraines, which might be easier on the body than the prescription drugs!

  • Jay Aguirre

    Ooh I’ve used CBD oil a lot, but haven’t really noticed much of an effect. Maybe I’ll have to try this one out!