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Enjoy Delicious Natural Wines delivered to your Door with Mysa Natural Wines

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With summer finally here and in full swing I am so excited to host some fun filled family gatherings in which all of our family members gather over at our home for some swimming and of course delicious food and drink. We do it potluck style and everyone brings a dish or two, their gear for swimming, and we all play some yard games like Cornhole, Horseshoes, Basketball and more. There truly is nothing better and once we sit down to feast…. all of the adults love to enjoy a delicious glass of wine or two with out meal which is why I was so excited to receive a box of  3 varieties of natural wines from Mysa Natural Wines

Mysa Natural Wine is one of the few Natural Wine Clubs on the market that delivers delicious natural wines right to your doorstep and you may be wondering what is a Natural Wine? Well basically natural wine is a term used to describe wines that are low sulfite and farmed organically, typically using practices like biodynamics, and these wines are made without adding or removing anything during the winemaking process which means no fining or filtering and no adding of acid, sugar or any other components.  I honestly love that the grapes used are grown organically as well as everything else that they do to create these natural masterpieces as the flavor profiles of the bottles I received are everything!

Let’s take a look at the bottles I received…..

Valpolicella Superiore 2016 ~ ll Monte Carlo

The first bottle I will discuss is the Valpolicella Superiore 2016 as this was my husbands first choice as he loves a delicious red plus he is Italian. This bottle is from the II Monte Carlo winery which is in Italy and this is a family venture operated by 2 generations that farms organically and that produces beautiful Corvina based wines.

The tasting notes of the Valpolicella Superiore 2016 are slightly dried Corvina, Corvinone & Rondinella grapes, giving it an intense red fruit flavor. Great for special occasions and ages wonderfully!

Le Vin De Ma Cocette 2015 ~ Domaine Mamaruta

This is a fabulous selection and another delicious red created by the Domaine Mamaruta Winery in France.  Marc’s 15 hectare vineyard plots are spread through La Palme and Leucate on clay soils and lime stone. Some are bordering a small lake, while others are close to a sea side cliff. All of the vines are farmed organically and the vine management includes careful pruning and tending of the wounds, homemade compost and soft ploughing. In the vineyards biodynamic practices are used and in the winery vinification happens naturally with nothing being used to tamper with the juice during fermentation. 

 The tasting notes of this delicious bottle is a refined Carignan from the best plot with 100+ year old vines in the Fitou AOP. This bottle can be enjoyed now and it can be aged beautifully for several years!

Un Grain de Folie 2018 ~ Domaine Mamaruta

This is an amazing bottle that I am loving! I love a delicious rosé so I was super excited about this one. This delicious bottle is from the Domaine Mamaruta winery in France (as the bottle above is as well) and all vines are farmed organically and the cellar is worked with minimum input with a great respect for life & nature. In the vineyards they use biodynamic practices and the management includes careful pruning, tending of the wounds, homemade compost and soft ploughing. In the winery, vinification happens naturally and nothing is used to tamper with the juice during the fermentation process and in the spirit of the winery’s work in the vineyard, they do not use cultured yeast, de-acidify or fine their wines.

The tasting notes of the Un Grain de Folie 2018 are light drinkability of a Provencal rosé, but with more fresh fruit on the nose and a much crazier color! 60% Syrah and 40% Carignan grapes are used to make this masterpiece!

So what do you think of Mysa Natural Wines? Are they not just fabulous? Mysa Natural Wine offers their delicious and convenient wine club plus they have a store online where you can purchase a single bottle, two or three BUT keep in mind that with the wine club you receive the best bang for your buck so take advantage of this option and enjoy 3 or 6 bottles at a time! You can also learn more about what makes a wine a “natural wine” as well as the health benefits here.

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