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Kitchen Troubles: Common Kitchen Problems and How to Solve Them

If you love spending time in the kitchen, you must have experienced some issues here and there. A broken sink, appliances that stop working all of a sudden, and a refrigerator that doesn’t cool food items properly are among the most common issues around the kitchen that you may have come across in the past. If you need help with any of these issues outlined in the article going forward, it would be smart to talk to a professional like Murfreesboro Appliance Repair. Their professional opinion could help, they often help solve these common issues.

These common issues can happen to anyone. Even worse, they can happen while you are trying new recipes or preparing meals for the family, and even the smallest problem can be quite annoying when they strike at the wrong time. Fortunately, the most common kitchen problems are easy to solve.

Cabinet Doors Not Closing

Cabinet doors that don’t close properly is a small matter, but it is an issue that can get very annoying very quickly. You’ll notice cabinet doors that don’t close properly as soon as you start bumping into them and not being able to store appliances and cookware properly.

Unfortunately, your cabinet door hinges will wear out over time, which means the issue will happen in your kitchen sooner or later. Of course, there are a few things you can do to solve the issue.

The first thing you want to try is lubricating the hinges. In many cases, adding lubricant to the door hinges and retightening them will solve the problem. You can also eliminate unwanted noises by applying this quick fix. For worse problems, use wood filler and new hinges to refresh your cabinet doors.

Greasy Countertops

Greasy countertops are not uncommon in the kitchen. When you mix ingredients on the countertop or boil something with a lot of fat on the stove, you will end up with a greasy surface one way or another. The problem gets worse when you work with proteins that contain a lot of fat.

Greasy worktops are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t solve the issue. Regular cleaning and a thorough cleaning after cooking it will remove any excess grease from your countertop and other kitchen surfaces. Use paper towels and some white vinegar to get the job done.

One secret I learned about preventing grease buildup is using olive oil or non-toxic degreaser to polish surfaces that get affected by grease often. Wipe the olive oil clean and you’ll have a surface that isn’t just clean, but also pleasant to work with.

Broken Outlets and Appliances

There is something about the environment in the kitchen that makes appliances prone to breakage. Maybe its the steam or the heat; perhaps its the high-traffic nature of the kitchen (and the fact that we plug and unplug appliances often). Over time, the electrical outlets and/or appliances in your kitchen may start to show signs of wear.

This is a common problem that requires special attention. If your appliance stops working all of a sudden, try plugging in another appliance to see if the socket caused the issue. If you do have a broken outlet, you want to replace it immediately.

Newer electrical outlets especially those designed for the kitchen now come with better moist protection. They are more suitable for use in the kitchen because they can withstand the elements better. To avoid this issue completely, follow these electrical tips from Rockwall Electric.

Smell from the Drainage System

Next, we have the most common problem of them all: a smelly drain. A smelly drain could only mean there is something rotting inside it. It could be bits of food that didn’t get washed down properly or food residue building up inside the drainage system. The best course of action is to get someone to do some Blocked drain repairs Sydney to check the system and ensure all is flowing well.

However, if a DIY option is what’s wanted, there is a simple fix to this issue. Mix baking soda and lemon juice and pour the mixture down your drain. Leave it for around 20 minutes, and then rinse the drain with clean, boiling water. If the smell persists, repeat these steps two or three times.

If you still end up with a smelly drain after a few tries, you have a more serious problem on your hands. Get in touch with your local plumbers townsville to get the pipes opened up and cleaned thoroughly. You also want to check the garbage disposal unit for any waste buildup.

Slow Drainage

There is one other case where you need to pay special attention to your drainage system, and that is when you don’t just get the smell, but also a drainage system that doesn’t work properly. When water in the sink isn’t being drained as quickly as usual, you may be looking at a clogged grease trap or drain pipe.

If the issue is in the drain pipe, you can turn to an easy fix to solve it. Use baking soda and hot water to unblock the drain. You can also use an unblocker to help clear the pipe faster. There are also chemical solutions that can break down fat in your pipes, although these must only be used as a last resort. Knowing about sewer backups, common causes and what to do may be very beneficial in a situation like this, as not everyone will be aware of the steps you should take in order to resolve the issue.

For grease trap blockages, a complete cleaning is usually required. It is also highly recommended to clean the grease trap once every six weeks. Maintaining the drainage system is better and more convenient than doing repairs.

Keeping a Problem-Free Kitchen

That brings us to our last tip: maintaining is always better than repairing. Kitchen maintenance is easier than you think, and it gets easier when done regularly. Cleaning as you go, emptying the dishwasher after each use, deep-cleaning your cookware once a month, and oiling the cutting boards are all simple things you can do to keep the kitchen problem-free.

It is also a good idea to clean surfaces and certain areas that are normally difficult to reach, such as the area behind your stove. One last thing to do is keep your refrigerator clean and fresh; do an audit of the food items you store in it and throw away items that are no longer worth eating. You can keep your refrigerator running optimally with this simple tip.

Knowing how to solve common kitchen problems and performing regular maintenance to prevent them from happening is essential. You can then enjoy more time in the kitchen without the usual hassle. After all, cooking is a lot more fun when you don’t run into problems often.

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  • Lauryn R

    This is such an informative post, thank you so much for sharing!! I use baking soda and lemon for a lot of things, and it does work wonders for stinky sinks! I have never thought about using olive oil to help with greasy countertops though! I can’t wait to try it. 🙂