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Ensure Your Family’s Trip to Japan Is a Success With These Three Tips

A lot goes into planning the perfect family vacation. You have to think about what you’re going to pack and what you’re going to do, but a successful trip depends on the details. Details that are often overlooked.

The bigger the trip, the more you should plan. That’s definitely the case if you’re planning a family trip to Japan. Here are three things that you and your family can do to prepare for your trip to ensure the whole clan has more fun while you’re away from home.

Learn the Language

No matter where in the world you go, it pays to know the language. That doesn’t mean your seven-year-old has to be fluent in Japanese, but it can be very helpful to know a few words and phrases.

A few must-know phrases include:

*Konnichiwa: Hello

*Arigatou Gozaimasu: Thank you

*Doko Desuka: Where is…

*Ikura Desuka?: How much is it?

*Wakarimasen: I don’t understand

*Eigo ga hanasemasu ka?: Do you speak English?

Don’t think learning Japanese has to be a chore either. The whole family can learn Japanese online! Join a community and you can even practice your Japanese language skills before your trip with other users.

Buy a Japanese Rail Pass

Buying a plane ticket is only half the battle. Figuring out how you’re going to get around when you get to your final destination is the real challenge!

In Japan, it’s all about the high-speed trains. Don’t bother buying specific tickets for certain destinations. You’ll just end up driving yourself crazy.

Instead, purchase rail passes for your family. They can be quite expensive, but they allow you to travel anywhere throughout the train system without worrying about purchasing individual tickets.

To make sure you get the most bang for your buck, purchase your rail passes before you enter the country. You can usually find special deals for travelers online that aren’t available once you arrive at the train station.

Don’t Leave Too Soon

A trip to Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many families. Make sure you make the most of it by planning a lengthy trip that allows you to see and visit as many places as possible.

A few places you might want to visit include:

*Tokyo: The capital of Japan is full of family-friendly activities, modern and classic architecture, and plenty of opportunities to shop. It is also the perfect location for Pokemon enthusiasts as Tokyo has the best locations for pokemon go.

*Kyoto: Visit in the fall and watch the leaves change color, or visit one of the beautiful temples.

*Jigokudani: Home to Monkey Park, the kids will love interacting with the monkeys, especially if you visit in the summer when they’re having babies!

No matter where you decide to visit, don’t overbook your days. Leave a little flexibility in your schedule so you and your family can do a few fun things on a whim.

Don’t just board the plane and hope for the best. With these tips, you can ensure your family’s trip is a success from start to finish.