Irritant: Annoying Medical Conditions & How To Solve Them

There are countless medical conditions which can afflict a person. Throughout history, humans have always worked to control and remove this threat, and this has made it a lot easier to survive than it used to be. Of course, though, there are still a lot of different conditions out there, and most people will suffer with something in their life. Some of these medical complaints can end up being a big nuisance, leaving lots of people searching for ways to rein them in.


Farts are embarrassing, and most people don’t like to do them in public. When you have a condition which makes you very gassy, though, it will be hard to avoid letting the odd one out, as you could find yourself in a lot of pain if you don’t. People often suffer with issues like this as the result of something else entirely. If you are allergic to wheat, for example, eating toast each morning could be setting you up for a whole day of uncomfortable wind. This makes it worth experimenting with your food if you find yourself struggling to hold it in.

Sweaty Palms

Handshakes are a normal part of life, with a lot of people sharing this gesture numerous times each day. When you have sweaty or clammy hands, though, it can be hard to feel confident with this, and this is just the beginning of the problems an issue like this can cause. There are loads of products on the market which are designed to help with this. Ranging from pills to sprays, it’s worth trying a range of different options, especially if you find yourself thinking about this side of your life too much.


This next issue is a little more serious than the first couple, with tinnitus causing more than just an annoyance to some people. Characterised by a high-pitched humming noise, this condition impacts your ears, and can make it incredibly hard to escape the sound. Notch Therapy for tinnitus treatment is a modern example of the sort of support you can get with a condition like this. While it won’t cure you of tinnitus, it will help you to live with it, making it possible to ignore the constant hum you hear.

Watery Eyes

Having people ask why you’re crying can be an embarrassing moment when you don’t know what they’re talking about. Watery eyes will often make it look like you’re upset, and will often be caused by cold winds. Walking from place to place will make a lot of people’s eyes water, making it hard to go to work, attend meetings, or simply visit a shop without having to sponge down your face. There are few ways to avoid this, though some eye drops claim to be able to make your eyes less watery.

Smelly Feet

There are few things worse than realising that your feet are smelly without an opportunity to do something about it. This part of the body is very good at gathering bacteria, thanks to the warm and moist environment they create. Natural fibres, like cotton and wool, are the very best to use when you’re looking for socks to help with this. Alternatively, though, you could also think about talking to a doctor. Conditions like athletes foot can make you smelly, while also causing a huge amount of discomfort without the right treatment. These smelly feet can eventually lead to warts because warts enjoy the same conditions as athletes foot, the virus thrives on hot, sweaty skin. There isn’t any kind of wart which isn’t annoying. They all are. But having one on the bottom of your foot as is this case with plantar warts brings the annoyance to the next level. Wartsorg says that these can go away on their own for those with a strong immune system.

Itchy Or Dry Skin

It doesn’t take much for your body’s chemistry to be disrupted. For example, if your skin becomes too dry, it will quickly become uncomfortable, with a tight itchy feeling taking over. Moisturizer can be an easy way to solve this on a temporary basis, but most people will want to look for ways to improve it without having to apply chemicals everyday. You should talk to your doctor if this is something you’re concerned about, as a lot of the very best skincare products are only available when you have the right prescription.


Finding flakes in your hair is something which a lot of people dread. If you don’t notice this issue when you’re at home, you may not have the chance to solve it properly, and this can make a day very hard. The right kind of shampoo can often be enough to solve a dandruff issue, though this is another area which may have to be referred to your doctor. The shampoo you’ll need to help with this will be very strong and expensive, and this means that it will only be available when you have a prescription in a lot of places. You can visit thehaircentral.com for tips and tricks for scalp and hair issues.

Runny Noses

Much like having your eyes watering when you don’t want them to be, having a runny nose can often be very annoying. Some people will only ever experience this sort of issue when they’ve got an illness like a cold or flu, though others will have to deal with it whenever they go somewhere cold. Mint and menthol-based scents can be very helpful with this, with products like vapor rub making it easy to carry this with you. Of course, though, you will need to remember to keep sniffing if you want to keep the running under control.

A lot of people have to deal with medical conditions which they find annoying, and this is largely thanks to laziness or embarrassment. It doesn’t feel worth putting yourself through a session with a doctor to solve your issues. In reality, though, medical professionals like this will deal with similar issues all the time. You won’t be able to shock them, and they help could prove to be invaluable, making it well worth accepting it whenever you can. Professionals like this can be found all over the world.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to start working against the medical conditions which you find most annoying. A lot of people have to live with things like this, and this means that there are loads of solutions. Of course, though, you will have to seek them out if you want to make them work for you.

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