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Pet Owners Take Note: Here Is How You Can Solve Your Carpet Dilemmas 

If you own a dog or a cat at home, you are more likely than not to have faced an “Oh My God” accident moment in your household. Whether it is them chewing your shoes or running around the house with a bag of chips or worst- soiling your precious carpets! 

While replacing clothes and shoes is no dilemma, replacing your home’s carpeting can be a huge pocket crunch. Moreover, an unclean carpet is extremely unhygienic for your home environment, not to mention it lessens the lifespan of your carpets. 

So if you are struggling with carpet care and are looking for a respite, this blog can help you with certain tips and tricks.

Invest On The Right Carpeting

While purchasing your carpet, it is always important to look at the bigger picture. Ask yourself what your expectations are from the carpet. If you are just an adult living at home, your carpet choosing criteria will be completely different than someone with a toddler or a pet. 

We recommend investing in stain resistant carpeting if you have a pet. This carpeting, despite its high cost, lasts for a long time. This is due to the protective layer that has been put on the fibres. So, if your pet has an “oops” moment on the carpet, it can be washed and vacuumed while still maintaining its integrity.

Go For Scotch Guarding

If the above option is not plausible because you already have a carpet installed, you can go for a scotch guard service. This service will help put a protective guard on the carpet and help the fibres maintain their structure for a long period. 

Opt For Professional Service

Your pets will inevitably soil the carpets hence a professional hot water cleaning is required to ensure that your carpets are safe and sanitary. Professionals use heavy duty carpet cleaning machines and chemicals to thoroughly clean carpets and remove any stains and odours. 

We strongly advise you to avoid using harsh market-available chemicals to clean your carpets yourself because they can damage your carpets and be harmful to your pet’s health.

Vacuum In The Right Frequency 

Have you ever gotten to work only to find your colleagues mentioning “you have hair all over your pants”? Well, pets, both cats and dogs, shed a huge amount of hair, and this hair can hide in every nook and cranny than you can imagine. 

Hence vacuuming at least twice per week is important. If you have kids at home, we recommend you up the frequency of vacuuming to even thrice a week. This is because kids like to roll in the carpets and play with toys, and a dirty carpet with pet hair and dander will only lead to respiratory issues and unwanted allergies. 

Pet Grooming And Training Are Essential 

While we cannot deny choosing the right carpet, hiring professionals with the best carpet cleaning machines to clean and regular vacuuming is important. It is equally important that your pets are trained and groomed properly to lessen the load on the carpet.

For example, if your pet is potty trained to do their daily routine in a set space or a given mat, it would mean no constant harsh scrubs and constant vacuuming on the carpets. This small yet significant habit can have a lasting effect on your carpet. 

Moreover, grooming your dog is also essential as regular grooming ensures that their hair doesn’t shed as much. Trimming nails also ensures that your pets pose no damage to the carpet, no matter how much they run around.


With these small yet significant steps, you can easily care for your carpeting and increase the lifespan of your carpet by a  manifold.

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