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8 Winter Wines to Warm Up Your Winter

This’ the season for good vibes. The most beautiful time of the year. Winter is here. You can almost smell the wine aromas and all the goodness it brings. It’s love and togetherness. It is snuggling with the throw, beside a fireplace with a glass of smooth sweet wine and palate of dessert. An ice-bucket, filled to the brim, with the stemless crystal glass, ready to rock the boat. It’s time to spoil yourself.

We love to find a reason to celebrate. America’s winter wine celebration has to make a statement. And with Winter around the corner, bringing with it no sunshine, we crave a glass of wine for a comforting and dozing experience. It’s a soul-stirring moment, where friends and family come together for food and to lavish the tasting notes of warm fortified wines. The truth is, we love the pop sound of the cork when it flies up high for us to capture the sizzling sparkling wine. 

Most searched-for winter wines are spicy reds, toasty and full-bodied white or sweet dessert wine types as shown below:


One of the sweet red flavored wines, Stella Rosa Rosso, has a fruity, semi-sweet flavor. This wine pairs excellent with chocolate flavors like brownies and cakes. Such significant characteristics of strawberry and red berries are bursting, making it perfect for those snow days/nights with friends as you unwind. 


One reason this wine tastes excellent is the Moscato grape used to make it. Paired with other various varietals, you cannot go wrong with Stella Rosa Peach. You can taste the perfectly balanced peach and blueberry honey in every sip you take from this wine. Get that exceptional feel, when you pair with desserts or spicy food, fresh salads, or fruit tarts. A gorgeous semi-sparkling wine that you will love best when served chilled.


The mention of Stella Rosa Pineapple will almost make you feel like summertime. In essence, it’s tropical flavor will give you the vibe of a delightful getaway. Blended with a variety of white grapes, and of course, Moscato. The tasty flavor of natural, fresh chopped pieces of pineapple in your glass livens your senses to another level. This bottle will accompany well with simple light dishes like salmon salad, lettuce wraps, and other tropical fruit salad. Warm-up to a stay-cation with this luscious wine. 

4. Cartograph Estate Pinot Noir 2016 ($68.00)

Pinot Noir is yet another suitable choice of wine to keep you warm. For those who prefer dry wine rather than sweet, you will love the taste of this light-bodied, overtly, fruity aromatics of strawberry and cranberry. Splurge on yourself with this mesmerizing bottle of wine that comes with a mix of dark cherry, orange blossom, and mint. Have fun and wire-up your senses with this drink. For best result, pair it with wild mushroom risotto, pork chops, peaches, and pole beans on the side.

5. Cederberg Shiraz 2017 ($21)

Filled with a well-balanced, elegant oak, that expresses hints of sweet spice and vanilla. This smooth Shiraz is a big winter wine, brooding, and boozy. It is guaranteed to warm you up due to its intense red fruit, mulberry, and cherries. It can be followed through with red berries to finish off with a linger of magnificent sensation. Pair it with intricate dark chocolate or a variety of cheeses, like young cheddar or gruyere.

6. Produttori del Barbaresco Montestefano ($62)

If you are looking for a gala wintertime with your pals, it will not disappoint. It is known to be rich in ingredients that are fantastic for winter. This fabulous wine is made from Nebbiolo grape and comes with a powerful tannin that contains high acidity. The tantalizing aroma of cherry and blackberry jam makes you want to find more on this wines tasting notes of tobacco aroma, blending with balsamic that delivers juicy morello: Raspberry compote and licorice with a touch of graphite to the finish. Produttori del Barbaresco Montestefano is a delicious wine to quench your curiosity. It pairs lovely with fatty foods such as beef stroganoff or mushroom risotto.

7. Hardy’s Whiskers Blake Tawny Port ($15)

A classic and one of a kind. Preferable by energetic people due to its high level of alcohol content. It becomes a convenient wine in the winter, for warming up your body. Affordable for the young party animals and for those who want to snuggle around for football games or movie nights. You will experience the notes of orange, lemon, toffee, and walnut with a herbal undertone. Experience the taste of both sweet and spicey as you pair it with cheese and dark chocolate.

8. Henriot Brut Blanc de Blancs ($60)

Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or a successful business deal. The popping of champagne is a call for a toast, no matter the occasion. It’s prudent to have this vintage bottle of Henriot Brut Blanc in your cellar because you never know when that time will arrive. It comes with a sleek acidity that balances with notes of honey, toasted brioche, and nut. Use the right champagne glass to enjoy the smooth flavor of patisserie apple, fleur de sel, and candied lemon peel. White meat like roasted chicken, smoked salmon, lobster rolls, and sushi go along well with Henriot. Swirl a glass of champagne and relish the memories.

Warm-up with Winter Wines

In conclusion, as you prepare to shop for the holidays, keep in mind, the early bird gets the worm. Swirl your glass with style. There may be more than eight varieties of hearty wines that help you to keep warm, but take note of the guide that we have provided above. Therefore, as winter approaches, it’s your call to fill your wine cellar with the best wine for winter. Also, affordability matters a lot. Refer to the price stated that suits your budget. Chase the winter chill with a drink that will comfortably keep you warm. If you love hosting, then embrace yourself with the perfect cocktail party.


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