Luxury Barge Cruise in France
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What to Experience on a Luxury Barge Cruise in France     

France is one of the most remarkable countries to explore in the world. The region witnesses a massive wave of tourists regularly, each with the desire to see as much of France as possible in just one trip. There are bus tours, hiking packages, historical explorations, and several other exciting French excursions to enjoy.

But if you happen to be a water adventure enthusiast, then perhaps luxury French barge cruises are tailor-made for you. These cruises will take you on an incredible journey along France’s finest canals, ensuring you enjoy stunning countryside beauty, natural trails, forests, and historical landmarks along the way.

Here are some spectacular experiences you will enjoy when taking a luxury barge cruise in this beautiful country.

An intimate travel experience

Unlike riverboats that carry over a hundred trailers at one time, barges will only take around ten to fifteen people. Also, they are smaller and more compact, cruising effortlessly along an approximately 50-mile route. 

Most barge boats have two to three decks, one of which will feature the main outdoor seating, a jacuzzi, and a sundeck. The others will feature cabins and other amenities.

So, from the moment you get on board, it will take you only a couple of minutes to get acquainted with everything and everyone. The staff will be on board for the entire journey. And since there are a handful of people, the travel experience is much more intimate and comfortable.

A peek into French history

Studies prove that boating offers immense psychological and physiological health benefits. And what better way to explore new places than in a boat?

Barging in France dates back to almost the 16th century. While on the cruise, you will learn about the history of barging, look at incredible historical sites, and return more knowledgeable about France than before the trip. You will explore monasteries, typical French castles and villas, small villages, forested woods, meadows, and several other incredible sights.

French food and wine

One of the highlights of luxury French barge cruises is the fine-dining onboard. The restaurant on the boat offers travelers the chance to enjoy authentic French cuisine by creating delicious dishes using local ingredients. 

Many barge cruises also allow you to enjoy dining at restaurants on the shore. You can deboard for lunch or dinner anywhere the ship stops. In fact, even onboard a barge cruise boat, you will be treated to famous French wines accompanied by cheeses. 

Land excursions

A good thing about barging is that you have the option to hop on or off the boat, provided you have booked the entire boat. 

You can explore remarkable French vineyards, marketplaces, out-of-the-way villages, and other offbeat tourist attractions. You can also look at iconic landmarks such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fontenay Abbey (Burgundy), the 15th century vaulted Kitchen of the Baroness, and more. There are biking and hiking adventures to enjoy as well.

Barge cruises allow you to explore to your heart’s content, while also providing you with excellent onboard services. Barging is a unique water tourism experience, offering you the chance to explore France through a dynamic cultural immersion.

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