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How to Throw a Perfect yet Affordable Christmas Party

When the winter Holidays roll around, it seems one thing that’s on everyone’s mind is how to have the most fun with family and friends. One great way to do this is by throwing a Christmas party! However, as we all know, party costs can be pretty pricy. In this post, we’ll cover the ways that you can throw an amazing Holiday party for your family and friends without breaking the bank. Read on to find out what steps you can take to have a party that’s just about perfect while still being awesomely affordable.

Step one: the guest list

While it would certainly be fun to invite everyone on your friends list to your place, having a few hundred people over is probably not going to be within a reasonable price range. Instead, select the people in your life that matter most to you and who you want to bring together. Think of it this way: if they aren’t immediate family or you wouldn’t ask them to be in your wedding party, you probably don’t need to send the invite. It’s not that you’re being rude – it’s just to make sure you’re keeping within budget!

Step two: the theme

Next, you’ll want to figure out what theme you will have for your party. Of course, “Christmas party” is already a theme, but you could get a little more specific just for fun! For instance, consider throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party. This option is fun, timeless, and light on your budget. That’s because everyone provides their own sweaters, so the majority of the cost of the theme won’t fall on you! Plus, there are tons of fun options for people to choose from – even kids ugly Christmas sweater choices! 

Other themes you can try might be:

*Reindeer costumes 

*Christmas pajama party

*Christmas cabana

*Christmas movie showing

The choice is totally up to you and what you think your friends and family will enjoy!

Step three: the food and drink

Every party needs food and drink. As people mill about chatting, laughing, and making merry, they’ll want a little something to munch on and sip. One way to keep your food within budget is to make your party a potluck. Everyone brings their own dish to share, and so everyone gets a little bit of everything! Good potluck dish options include:

*Cookie platters

*Taco trays

*Pizza slices

*Finger sandwiches

*Large salad bowls

If you don’t want to look like a total Scrooge, you could offer to supply the drinks, then let everyone else know what food items to bring along. Just make sure you share a list of the items that everyone is bringing with everyone, that way you don’t end up with 15 fruitcakes. 

Step four: get creative with the decorations 

You don’t need to spend a lot on decorations for a memorable party vibe. Some fun, simple Christmas decorations can set the tone while lending your party a sophisticated and festive appearance. Try lines of tinsel on the bannister, a few wreathes on doors, hang lights strung on the walls, and Christmas ornaments strategically hung from cute locations about your house or apartment. Here are some more quick tips for easing the burden on your wallet as you decorate:

*Invest in a fake Christmas tree that you can keep and reuse year after year

*Get pine-scented air fresheners to add to the ambiance

*Candles can be inexpensive and their twinkling light is perfect for the season

Of course, if you do have a party, you can’t forget the mistletoe! Nothing says exciting holiday party quite like a romantic and unexpected kiss. 

Step five: choose the perfect playlist

If there’s one surefire way to get people in the Christmas spirit, it’s Holiday music. Everyone loves listening to their favorite Christmas songs every year, and putting on the perfect playlist will get everyone moving and grooving in step with the season. Plus, there are plenty of genres of Christmas music, like:

*Pop Christmas songs

*Traditional songs

*Rock Holiday hits

*Holiday song remixes

The choices are truly endless. 

This Holiday season, don’t worry if your budget is a little tight. With the right party planning strategies and some clever and creative budgeting, you’ll have a holiday to remember!

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  • Paula Pennachio

    Thank you for this. I really love it. I’m planning a small party this year. I really need all the tips I can get. The decorations are beautiful

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