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Savvy And Personal Christmas Gifts

It feels as though Christmas is always just around the corner. Only a few weeks ago it seemed we were packing up the decorations and talking about how we had too much chocolate left over. But time moves on with such a great speed, and the season to be jolly will be with us before you can say ‘jingle bells.’

With that in mind, it is probably time to start thinking about what gifts you are going to give to the essential people in your life. You may say it every year, but this year why not do something different? The real joy in gift-giving is finding something that is really personal and going to be appreciated by the receiver. Thinking about ways that you can make Christmas more unique, and not just wrapping up a set of Black Friday bargains that you are only buying for the sake of it.

Give The Gift Of An Experience

Why not give your loved ones something that they will never forget. Try and think about an experience that they would love. It may be something that they have always wanted to do, or it maybe it will be of benefit to them. Whether that is a balloon ride, a drive in a racing car, or a helping them to climb a mountain; with a bit of imagination, you can create a fantastic day.

Homemade Gifts

There are lots of gifts that you can make for your loved ones. You might want to make your own toiletries, picking their favorite fragrances and giving them soaps that they will love to use. They’ll appreciate them more than shop-bought items because of the effort that you put into them.

Why not create your own wrapping paper or gift bags too? Creating the whole gift experience for your friends and family will make it that little bit more special.

Give Your Time

If you have a particular skill, why not give the gift of your time. If you are handy around the house, why not help out by decorating a room. This could make a world of difference if it is a task that has overwhelmed the receiver.

If you are artistic, you may want to create something for them. If you can paint, why not get them to sit for a portrait.

Buy Second Hand

There are lots of beautiful gifts out there in antique shops like those available at Often, when it comes to gift buying, we just think about picking things off the shelves in stores in the mall. However, with so many good quality gifts out there, why not provide a new loving home for some of them. You may want to look at jewelry, or possibly an ornament. Often, these items would have had great sentimental value to the person previously owned them. When you give an antique gift, not only are making an ethical buying decision, you are also adding to the life story of the gift that you are giving.


  • Sue E

    Most of these gifts money cannot buy, but they still are great gifts! I never thought about giving the gift of an experience! I guess I thought no on wouldn’t want to hear them! Homemade and buying second hand are a couple of things I do. I give my time by babysitting. I can’t do much in that area being disabled. Thank you for sharing!

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