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Home Décor Ideas To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

 One way to get yourself in the mood for the holidays is to decorate your home. Your house is where you spend a lot of time and will be snuggling up after a long day at work. Think outside of the box this year, and focus on the details to bring it all together.

Doing it yourself isn’t always easy, but it’s a rewarding experience in the end. Head out to the local thrift shops to find a few items that are attractive, but don’t cost a lot. Pull out what you already own and determine if you have a spot for it in your home this year. See home décor ideas to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Front Porch

The first place you and guests see when you pass by your home is the front porch. Therefore, it’s definitely a good idea to dress it up and show the neighborhood that you’re ready for the holidays. Display a cute bench with a blanket and add a rug and firewood to top off the look. Use a mix of plaids, greenery and wood for the perfect amount of Christmas spirit. It’ll light up your face each time you drive by and see your wonderful set of decorations.


Lights are always a good choice, both inside and outside of your home. If you need help, contact professional Christmas light installation near Greensboro to come out and make your home look beautiful. Fancy up outdoor trees, windows, rooflines and more. It’s not always easy to get lights strung in high places, so it’s a job best left up to the professionals. After the outside is complete, head inside your home to string lights around plants and on the Christmas tree. Another fun idea is looking into Customizable Neon Christmas Lights to use in your windows or in your home because having extra lights around your home is a great way to illuminate dim areas throughout your space, especially because it is getting darker earlier at this time of the year.


The fireplace mantel is one place you have to make sure you decorate and spruce up for the holidays. Add lights, extra garland and stockings to enhance the beauty of the space around the roaring fire. Hang candy canes or place small decorative figurines across the top of the mantel. It’ll be a pleasant sight to see each time you sit down on the couch to enjoy the fireplace or watch television. Add a mirror or wreath above the mantel if you have an open space to fill. You’ll be spending lots of time by the fire when the temperatures are chilly, so take your time to make it look appealing.


Make wreaths yourself or buy them and place the lovely circlets around your home. You can place them on tables and fill with candles or spray paint the leaves or needles to create a more wintry and festive look. Wreaths also look nice hanging on your front door or in the living room inside your home. You can never have too many, and they never get old to look at. It all depends on how creative you’re feeling and where you think they’ll look best scattered around your home.


Don’t forget about the banister going up to your bedrooms or down to the basement. Wrap the handrail in garland, leaves or hanging photos of your family. Another idea is to string gingerbread men and enjoy the delightful Christmas scene each time you use your stairs. This is one area that’s easy to decorate and won’t take you much effort to spruce up. It’s nice because you’ll be reminded of the season each time you use the stairs.

Vases & Candles

If you’re someone who loves vases and candles, now’s the time to get them out and use them in your home. You can never have too many placed throughout the space during Christmas time. Lights and candles have a way of instantly warming up your home and making it feel cozier during the cold winter months. Use vases and place dried fruit in them, think walnuts and cranberries, surrounded by a large candle. Another idea is to buy green, red and clear vases and place them together for decoration on a windowsill or table. Add branches or keep them empty and enjoy the colors. Use vases and candles to increase the Christmas spirit in any room of the home.

Hot Cocoa Station

A great idea is to set up a tea and cocoa station near the kitchen on a separate rollaway table. This way it’s always accessible for whoever wants some or when you have guests over. Keep it fully stocked with all the right supplies and enjoy the smile it brings to your face when you’re ready to indulge in a cup of your own after baking delicious breads in the oven. Decorate the station, so it’s festive with all of the right colors and touches. Put a small Christmas tree on the top shelf, and you’ll get to admire it while you cook in the kitchen.

Table Runner

Head to your dining room and come up with a few small decorations that will enhance the look and feel of the room. One idea is to make a table runner out of leaves or garland and pomegranate. Otherwise, buy one you like and place it down with bulbs and garland draped on top. Use a large vase and fill it with branches and berries to place in the corner of the room. Set the dining room table with festive pieces even if you’re not using it, so you can enjoy it during the entire season.


Christmas is a time to be thankful, joyful and celebrate the festive season. One way to do this is by decorating your home in a way that captures these elements perfectly. Do what you can yourself and for the rest, purchase wholesale ornaments if it’s easier for you. Remember that it’s hard to go overboard in this situation, so let yourself explore and experiment as you decorate your space. These are home décor ideas to get you in the Christmas spirit.


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