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How to Perfect Your Skin Care Regimen

Skincare is one of the biggest aspects of any beauty routine. After all, radiant, smooth skin is one of the first things we often notice about a person when meeting them. It’s no wonder why so many people prioritize keeping their skin soft, smooth, and beautiful all year round. 

Chances are, you already have a skin care regimen. But what if we told you there were steps you could take to elevate it to the next level? In this post, we are cracking the code to perfecting your skincare. Try out the tips we offer here, and feel your velvety-smooth baby skin come to life!

Start with the right cleanser

One of the main causes if breakouts, dry skin, and discoloration is external irritants that can damage your skin. Polluted air, pollen, dirt – all these things can clog pores and lead to all sorts of skin complications.

You probably already wash your face regularly, but in order to truly see results, you have to go deeper. By using a gentle exfoliant, like CeraVe Salicylic Acid Cleanser, you can deeply and thoroughly cleanse your skin from the inside out. That’s because exfoliating cleansers actually remove the top layer of dry, damaged skin, allowing newer, healthier skin below to take its place. 

Hydrate from within

Want to learn a secret? Moisturizing lotions don’t actually add moisture to your skin; they just keep your skin from losing moisture throughout the day. While they definitely have their place in your skincare routine (which we’ll discuss next), you can’t lock in moisture that just isn’t there to begin with.

That’s why an essential part of any skincare routine is drinking enough water. Two liters in a day is the usual recommended amount. At that level of water consumption, your body is able to thoroughly replenish the moisture it loses throughout the day, keeping your skin cells plump and happy – and soft. 

Not sure how to measure your water intake? Use a bottle like the Nalgene 32 oz to track your hydration. 32 oz is about a liter, so you know you just have to drink your bottle down twice each day!

Lock in moisture

Once you’ve filled up on water and your body has what it needs to keep your skin cells hydrated, you can double up on the effects by locking in moisture with an extra layer of protection. Lotions and moisturizers work by locking moisture in with an extra fat barrier in your skin, but not all fats are equal.

For seriously soft skin, try natural ingredients like shea or cocoa butter, rather than the harsher, cheaper ingredient found in most cosmetics: mineral oil. The natural options are more effective, and they aren’t rough or irritating for your skin like mineral oil can be. 

Lifestyle changes count too

Are you chronically stressed? Or always exhausted? Your body only has so much energy and resources to spend on keeping you healthy. And, when you’re running on 3 hours of sleep and a massive stress headache, fewer resources go to keeping your skin looking soft and young.

In order to perfect your radiant skin once and for all, a few lifestyle changes are in order. First ditch the stress. Whether it’s yoga, mindfulness, or a morning jog, keeping your mind at ease will help your skin glow the way it’s supposed to. Then, make sure you get the sleep you need. Without a solid 8 hours, your body can’t repair the way it needs to.

If you need help relaxing, try a product like CBDfx capsules. The natural ingredients can help you chill out, and can even help with a full night of sleep. 

Move beyond your face

Most people focus on their facial skincare routine. However, in order to truly perfect your skincare regimen, you’ll need to look at other problem areas too. Different people have different struggles: some have dry hands and cracked knuckles; others have rough or calloused feet. Some people’s knees and elbows get ashy in the winter, and others get sunburned easily. 

Be sure that you address each of these problem areas intentionally. Your exact problem will call for a specific solution, so be sure that you thoroughly research the type of skincare you need, then develop a plan and stick to it! With the right additions to your routine, your skincare can be perfected. 

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