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5 Must Have Skincare Products That Will Keep Your Skin Fabulous & Healthy

5 Must Have Skincare Products That Will Keep Your Skin Fabulous & Healthy

With summer here, we are all looking to get ourselves into the best shape possible. Whether that is actually shedding a few pounds, looking to buy natural skincare products in australia, in the hopes of stepping up your skincare game or getting yourself summer ready so that you are confident showing off your body in your new swimsuit. Your skincare routine is an important part of ensuring that you feel good about yourself and that you are confident and ready to enjoy the warm summer months, beautifully. We are all uniquely different and beauty is so much more than what is on the outside, per say. What is important is that you have a routine that you use to ensure that you feel good… because beauty is confidence and if you feel good and you carry that attitude with you, you can be a force that is unstoppable. Take the time to go that extra mile and make yourself feel special by pampering yourself and when you make this a daily habit your skin will love you for it because while you are pampering yourself you are also doing a fabulous job at taking care of your skin and ensuring your skin’s health. Below are some tips and suggestions for must-have skincare products that will keep your skin beautiful, youthful and gorgeous!


Exfoliation is so important for anyone and everyone. I love to exfoliate and I love the refreshing feel that it provides to my skin when I use it. Whether it be an exfoliant for my face or a fabulous body scrub or body polish for my body, nothing is better for you than a fabulous exfoliant. It washes away all of those dead skin cells, moisturizes and stimulates blood flow to make your skin look more youthful, healthy and glowing. It sheds years off of the look of your skin and it keeps you looking younger as you are caring for and nourishing your skin by exfoliating. Keep in mind that a moisturizer is a must after exfoliating and your skin will simply drink it up and love you for it.


A fabulous moisturizer is a must as it is truly the key to maintaining a youthful appearance. As we get older our bodies change and so does our skin. When I was younger I had oily skin, then my complexion changed to an oily/normal combination skin when I was a bit older and now in my mid 40’s, I am seeing a dryer complexion that screams for moisture. Exfoliating to get rid of those dead skin cells creates the perfect canvas for your skin to drink up those nourishing moisturizers. You need a great face and neck moisturizer as well as a nourishing body lotion and/or body butter to ensure your skin is hydrated at all times. I even recommend a fabulous hand lotion to keep your hands moisturized and youthful looking. It pays off as your hands do not start aging as they would if not cared for. Another important note is that your face and neck moisturizer should definitely have an SPF as well to protect your skin from the sun. The sun will really cause your skin to age rapidly if not cared for, so ensure that you choose a facial moisturizer that includes sun protection.


Nourishing and moisturizing body washes and bar soaps are a must have skincare item as well, even though it is a basic necessity to us all. When it comes to your face, a fabulous cleanser is extremely important and if it is an easy process to do that makes it even better. Most of us lead busy lives and we are always on the go. It is easy to neglect our skincare routine because of this and ensuring that you find a system that works for you and that is fast and easy to do is a plus. I am loving some of the new cleansers available today. I use a Bare Minerals cleanser that is super gentle and does a fabulous job at removing all of the dirt and oils from my face and I can use this in the shower so it is super easy and quick. I also love the new Micellar Waters that are available from so many fabulous brands as it is perfect for late night make up removal. Simply use a cotton ball or a cotton pad and wipe your face clean with the micellar water as the micellar water acts like a magnet and pulls everything out of your pores and leaves your face refreshed and clean.

Also keep in mind that if you or someone in your family has any issues or suffers from acne, ensuring that you have the right acne skincare products and knowing how to treat acne is a must to ensure that your skin is healthy and nourished as well.

Although dealing with acne is common for many people, this isn’t something that anyone would want to live with. There are many ways of reducing the appearance of acne, especially through the use of natural ingredients such as madecassoside, which is said to help with inflammation. As there are so many options out there, and depending on the severity of the acne, you may need to see a doctor to ensure that you are using the best possible acne skincare items and medicines to keep your skin protected.


This is a no-brainer as we all have learned about the havoc that the sun can wreak on our skin and no one needs to worry about that when they can simply invest in a fabulous sunscreen to ensure that their skin is protected at all times. Besides the fact that over exposure to the sun can cause your skin to age rapidly, you also have to worry about the risks of skin cancer as those risks are very real. Do not mess around with this one and keep a small bottle of sunscreen in your handbag and/or car at all times so that if you need to apply it, you can. I always use an SPF of 50 or higher as I can still burn from lots of exposure to the sun even with a strong sunscreen on. Do not take a chance… use sunscreen regularly, make it a habit, and you will see that your skin will stay healthy and youthful and when you are older you will be so glad that you did.

Self Tanners

A great self tanner is a must for me and is crucial to my skincare routine, specifically in the summer months. If you have fair skin then there’s no harm in finding the best tanner products! Take a look on LuxeLuminous to find out more about the best ways to do this. I self tan because I love the look of a healthy tan but I do not want to receive the negative effects of too much sun exposure. This is why I believe a fabulous self tanner is a “must have” and that you have to do your research when looking for one as finding one that looks natural and is easy to apply is key. Another great tip for self tanning is exfoliation, exfoliation and more exfoliation. You must exfoliate the skin that you will be applying the self tanner to in order to ensure that the self tanner gives you the natural tan look that you are going for. If you do not use an exfoliator, you can end up with a blotchy and patchy self tan that looks bad and is obviously fake. The goal here is to make it look as natural as possible so I always start light and build up on it over time. There are even fabulous lotions now that provide a bit of color and glow and these work beautifully too.

So what do you think of my 5 Must Have Skincare Products? Do you use any of these 5 “must have” items or would you like to add to the list? Tell me your must have skincare items that you cannot live without and why! I always love hearing from you and would love to read your thoughts.


  • Lauryn R

    This is an awesome list of must have skincare products, thanks for sharing! I love sugar scrubs, they always make my skin feel amazing!

  • Trisha McKee

    I absolutely agree with this article. I need to be better about sunscreen and self tanners. I am outdoors a lot, fishing and walking and love the sunkissed look. But i don’t want to damage my skin. Especially now that I’m getting older.

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